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Simon Margreiter

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  1. For The Wild At Heart Kept In Cages
    by CLEARxCUT
  2. You Were The Gasoline
    by Mortality Rate
  3. Love, Lust and Greed
    by Great Grief
  4. Music to Practice Safe Sex to
    by Pool Kids
  5. POOL
    by POOL
  6. Alive with Scars
    by Flowers for Bodysnatchers
  7. All This Will Be
    by closer
  8. Hello Kittie's Spank
    by LeftyFish
  9. Wounds
    by self deconstruction
    by self deconstruction
  11. Panorama
    by La Dispute
  12. A gift of bricks from the sky
    by The Wind in the Trees
  13. They Don't Have to Believe
    by PUNCH
  14. World of Grief
    by I Hate Sex
  15. Contempt
    by Couch Slut
  16. unjustified
    by no right
  17. Somewhere at the Bottom of the River Between Vega and Altair (10th Anniversary)
    by La Dispute
  18. Wildlife
    by La Dispute
  19. Sleep Deprivation
    by Mortality Rate
  20. , Dies
    by Gouge Away
  21. Burnt Sugar
    by Gouge Away
  22. discography 2011 - 2013
    by Cerce
  23. Buster
    by Admiral Angry
  24. The Red Sessions
    by My Own Private Alaska - MOPA
  25. We Already Lost The World
    by Birds In Row
  26. Unloved
    by Frontierer
  27. Orange Mathematics
    by Frontierer
  28. SYSC//SGKF Split
    by SeeYouSpaceCowboy...
  29. Dollmeat
    by MouthBreather
  30. errorzone
    by Vein
  31. Twerp Verse
    by Speedy Ortiz
    by The Armed
  33. Grievances
    by Rolo Tomassi
  34. I Have Failed
    by Sinatra
  35. Collapse // Expand
    by Sarah Longfield
  36. Sick and Dying
    by The Central
  37. HATRED
    by Friendship
  38. Missing Tall Tales
    by The Heads are Zeros
  39. M20
    by augen
  40. Pig
    by MouthBreather
  41. Major Arcana
    by Speedy Ortiz
  42. The Heads Are Zeros
    by The Heads are Zeros
    Pure Chaoa. Totally love it!
  43. All The Men I Love Are Dead
    by The Heads are Zeros
  44. The Heads Are Zeros // Neck First Split
    by The Heads are Zeros
  45. Maktbehov