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Ricky Retardo

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  1. Shapeshifter
    by Stazma
  2. Cursed Mantis
    by Cursed Mantis
    appears in 1 other collection
  3. Our Simulacra
    by The Flashbulb
    Dirtblog Dirtblog
  4. Book M
    by Secret Chiefs 3
  5. [UR] Personnae: Halloween EP
    by Secret Chiefs 3: UR
  6. Radio Mix
    by Aaron Spectre
  7. Gameboy Thrashin' Turntable Bangin' Original Mix
    by Baseck
  8. Wankers United
    by Wankers United
  9. Ebb and Flow EP
    by Duke Slammer
  10. Vol.1
    by RWD
  11. Live in Los Angeles +1
    by end.user
  12. End of a Beginning (Bangface 2020 Remixes)
    by end.user
    End of a Beginning (Scheme Boy Remix) End of a Beginning (Scheme Boy Remix)
  13. Fold (EP)
    by end.user
  14. Made On Internet
    by Goto80
    Mölndal by Night (but also by day) Mölndal by Night (but also by day)
  15. Commodore Grooves
    by Goto80
    Raymond Raymond
  16. WE ROB RAVE 4
    by WE ROB RAVE
  17. Demos H4AR 2020
    by Architect
  18. Demos The H4AR 2020
    by Liebknecht
  19. H4AR 2020 Drum & Bass Stuff
    by Hexer & Myer
  20. Spectrum 0
    by Aleksi Perälä
  21. Spectrum 1
    by Aleksi Perälä
  22. Spectrum 2
    by Aleksi Perälä
  23. Sub Space Distorters
    by Somatic Responses
  24. Quktch Digital EP (RAAR)
    by Somatic Responses
  25. Recurring Dream
    by Somatic Responses
  26. 在りし日の声 Voices of Days Past
    by world's end girlfriend, Vampillia, 中原中也
  27. The Lie Lay Land
    by world's end girlfriend
    Scorpius Circus Scorpius Circus
  28. Stayin' Home Vol 1
    by Somatic Responses
    Rave Machine Rave Machine
  29. 44 Days
    by Download
  30. The Ghost Of Each Room
    by cEvin Key
  31. The Dragon Experience
    by Cevin Key & Ken Hiwatt Marshall
  32. Music For Cats
    by cEvin Key
  33. Unknown Room
    by Download
  34. Brap and Forth Vol. 8
    by cEvin Key
  35. Perfect Alley Rare
    by The Mike Penny Orchestra
  36. The Anxiety Derby
    by The Mike Penny Orchestra
    appears in 1 other collection
  37. [D!HR-05] Miniland
    by Mini Roc
  38. [D!HR-10] Kiss The Dolphin
    by Eat Rabbit
  39. [D!HR-35] Polygon Soup
    by Wankers United
    Hords Of Khan Hords Of Khan
  40. [D!HR-02] Digi-Dig
    by Goto80
    Datahell Datahell
  41. [D!HR-01] Rock The Boulevard, Reach The Bourgeois
    by Computer Truck
  42. Glue
    by Microphyst
  43. Same Energy
    by Microphyst
  44. Service Pack 03
    by TechDiff
  45. Service Pack 08
    by TechDiff