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  1. The King's Blues Box
    by B.B. King
    The Thrill Is Gone The Thrill Is Gone
    This is Blues Royalty right here boys and girls ... and when the Legend sings, I simply sit down and enjoy.
  2. I'm Changing
    by Lisa Mills
    I'm Changing I'm Changing
    Soothing ... relaxing ... and just plain easy on the ears ... she's got a little southern twang in her voice, and a guitar that adds to the flavor.
  3. Wailin' & Raggin' the Blues
    by Chris O
    Lonesome Worrisome Blues Lonesome Worrisome Blues
    Chris O can play it ... Chris O can sing it ... and all I gotta do is listen to it ... Ain't life grande!!
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  4. Sir, I Must Protest
    by Sammy Horner
    In God We Trust In God We Trust
    "The world today leaves us with more questions than answers ..."
  5. Unplugged
    by Jack J Hutchinson
    How Blue Can You Get? How Blue Can You Get?
    It's acoustic and it's the Blues! Turn it up and play it LOUD ...
  6. Christmas
    by Sean Smith
    Auld Lang Syne Auld Lang Syne
    Kicking back in an overstuffed chair with a mug of eggnog, an armful of oak logs crackling in the fire place, and a solo acoustic guitar covering sixteen holiday instrumentals. Yeah Baby!
  7. All I Want For Christmas Is You (Charity Single)
    by Out Of The Blue
    A Capella: A blend of solo and group vocals without instrumental accompaniment. This group samples a Mariah Carey hit and does it justice!
  8. Sleigh Ride (Charity Single)
    by Out of the Blue
    The lads from the UK crank out another holiday special - to the benefit of The Helen and Douglas House: providers of hospice for children and young adults.
  9. Back Home
    by Rafael Pacha
    01 Back Home Suite 01 Back Home Suite
    If I had my own private greenhouse, I'd play this stuff every morning. The plants would love it. Yeah, and I kinda do too ...
  10. Thom Lyons
    by Thom Lyons
    Home Home
    Starting over, half-a-world away ...

    A talented singer / songwriter.
  11. Live from the City of Brotherly Love
    by Good Old War
    Amazing Eyes Amazing Eyes
    As free and easy as a soft warm breeze on a moonlit summer's night. They harmonize so well together - it's like warm honey pouring over acoustic strings. Would I pay to see this band in concert? ... Yup ...
  12. The Oh Hellos
    by The Oh Hellos
    Hello My Old Heart Hello My Old Heart
    This is the 3rd album I've acquired from this band, so it looks like I'm hooked. I bought their latest album first, and now their earliest album last. As I've discovered - they just keep writing & playing good tunes. For my 2-cents, they deserve some quality radio air time ...
  13. Veteran of the Loudness Wars
    by RemoteTreeChildren
    Copper Mining Copper Mining
    Glen Phillips, former songwriter / vocalist for Toad the Wet Sprocket teams up with John Askew on one of his many side projects. Ten tracks of what I would call 'electronic rock' - and they're all different - a pretty good listen from start to finish.
  14. Animal Boy
    by Matt the Electrician
    Animal Boy Animal Boy
    Salt of the earth folk artist singing about life's experiences in an entertaining sort of way. Even the small things in life can serve as subject matter for a good tune or two.
  15. Live with Ginger Baker (1971)
    by Fela Kuti
    Let's Start Let's Start
    Just stumbled across this by accident - but it's my introduction to Fela Kuti and AfroBeat. Favorite cut is the 16 minute drum solo featuring former Cream drummer Ginger Baker and Africa 70's drummer Tony Allen - but it's not available to listen to unless you purchase the album.
  16. The Bittersweet Tapes
    by Heather Styka
    Sugarcoat Sugarcoat
    Sometimes the best songs are the ones that quietly rise up from nowhere and suddenly you find them locked inside your brain.
  17. in the time of the great remembering
    by Ben Caplan & The Casual Smokers
    Down to the River Down to the River
    Out of stormy night skies and gale force winds comes the booming voice of Ben Caplan.
  18. "Supermassive Black Tux" (2015)
    by Richard Cheese
    Sharp Dressed Man Sharp Dressed Man
    When Richard Cheese sings a song - it stays sung ...
  19. Santa Baby (Charity Single)
    by Out Of The Blue
    Another draft choice for my awesome Christmas CD ... plus, proceeds go to a worthwhile charity.
  20. Love LIVE Vol. 1 (Seattle)
    by Mike + Ruthy
    Romance In The Dark (Live) Romance In The Dark (Live)
    It's like syrup on my pancakes baby ... syrup on my pancakes ...
  21. Wake
    by Nora Jane Struthers & The Party Line
    The South The South
    Just something about the air down there ...
  22. AIR-027 - Live In '98
    by Smoking Popes
    Need You Around Need You Around
    Crazy as it sounds ... I need you around ...
  23. Through the Deep, Dark Valley
    by The Oh Hellos
    Like the Dawn Like the Dawn
    simple yet complex ... play it during the day .. listen to it at night ...
  24. The Ragpicker String Band
    by Ragpicker String Band
    Google Blues Google Blues
    Tight, talented trio of musicians. While Google Blues isn't the best song on this album - it's the one that made me laugh.
  25. Dear Wormwood
    by The Oh Hellos
    Exeunt Exeunt
    A high-energy band combining folk & rock into a kick-ass sound ...
  26. Acoustic Guitar
    by Preston Reed
    Bush Street Beehive Bush Street Beehive
    Does this guy have 6 fingers on each hand? Maybe he's got 3 arms - he's just plain nasty on the strings.
  27. Some Live Acoustic Songs
    by Samsel and The Skirt
    Fresh Start Fresh Start
    Vocals flow over an acoustic guitar with depth and presence. Wait till after dark, turn on the lava lamps, kick back and enjoy.
  28. Shoebox
    by Samsel and The Skirt
    Who's Holding Your Heart Who's Holding Your Heart
    Nobody else is listening to this? ... Well what the hell ..?
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  29. Classic Cuntry Hits From Beyond The Grave
    by Sydney City Trash
    Whiskey in the Sun Whiskey in the Sun
    Country punk from the land down-under ... Oi Mate!
  30. Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer
    by Beard & Glasses
    Better than the original ...
  31. Everything Is Saved
    by The David Wax Museum
    Chuchumbe Chuchumbe
    Mexo-Americana - a blend of Mexican folk music with a dash of rustic American culture.
  32. African Life EP
    by Sonic Funk Foundry
    Samba Del Mundo Samba Del Mundo
    ... suffer from partially clogged arteries? Rejoice! .. this stuff will clean them out ....
  33. Just some random songs
    by Astronaut Husband
    A.H.M.S. #1 A.H.M.S. #1
    Not sure ... but I think this guy is a poet first and a song writer second. His lyrics could find their way into a book just as easily as reading them off the insert from inside a CD jewel case.
  34. Birds EP
    by Astronaut Husband
    Symmetry Symmetry
  35. Al Green - I'm Still In Love With You (rework)
    by Alkalino
    A nice long version of one of Al's classics ... as cool as the other side of the pillow ...
  36. 月亮代表我的心 Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin (A Cover Song in Memory of Grandpa)
    by Connie Lim
    Okay, I'll admit it ... this gorgeous photograph sold me on buying this song. I can't understand a of lick of it ... but Connie sure does have some nice pipes ...
  37. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
    by Connie Lim
    My first purchase from Band Camp, right after Sarah introduced me to this site. Thanks Sarah!! What a great find this has become.
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