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  1. Nuremberg, Germany
  2. Electronic
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  1. The Recording
    by Matthew Herbert
  2. V
    by Doctor Evazan
  3. Lovetune For Vacuum
    by Soap&Skin
  4. Mr. Gaunt Pt. 1000
    by Soap & Skin
  5. Doctor Purosurpo and the Evazan Orchestra - Part One
    by Jens Eriksson
  6. Stellar Ink Pony - Byby EP
    by Mikael Stegman
  7. Ghostscent - Cosmology EP
    by Ola Eriksson
  8. Stellar Ink Pony - Swinging Spirituals - EP
    by Mikael Stegman
  9. Doctor Evazan – Fold Reality
    by Jens Eriksson
  10. 10 Years of Sanaton Records EP
    by compilation
  11. WHRK - EXT. IN
    by Matthijs van der Geest
  12. The Blues You Get When Someone Has Finally Set Off the Bomb and You've Had to Kill Your Own Radiation Zombie Mother With a Wooden Rice Spoon
    by Brotherhood of the Black Squirrel
  13. Lektion III
    by Den Sorte Skole
  14. Den Sorte Skole & Copenhagen Phil - Symphony No.II
    by Den Sorte Skole
  15. Indians & Cowboys
    by Den Sorte Skole
  16. EP Igboogã -"Jungle Creatures"
    by The Cure
  17. Tikki Masala - Samadhi (Album)
    by Tikki Masala
  18. Tikki Masala - Mohavastha (Album)
    by Tikki Masala
  19. Tikki Masala - Siddhimarga (Album)
    by Tikki Masala
  20. Tikki Masala - Mandala (Album)
    by Tikki Masala