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  1. Skin Teeth / O Yes
    by Sky Joose / Perception
  2. The Dolphins Are Back In Venice
    by Guava
  3. Ghost Mode
    by Mushkilla & Dampé
    Ghost Mode Ghost Mode
    What a brilliant release.

    I’m greedy af so I’d have the vocal version up to 5 minutes 😜 but it’s a serious weapon grade track just the way it is. Smooth as hell but still still has that roughness that you want from a garage track. The vocals are on money, both lyrically and audibly.

    The dub is dope as hell and would sound amazing on a huge sound system. It’s got a lot of that old school vibe but also some real tight production.

    Both tracks are fantastic.

    This is what I want from
  4. Environments Ten
    by Munro
    Environments Ten Environments Ten
    Someone slap me for missing this when it came out.
    This is fantastic release.
    Two very different tracks and both are on point.
    Hard to pick a favourite but I’d go with the second track. It’s a little out there and different and I appreciate that kind of thing. This is not a track purposely made to sell millions of units,it’s completely originally styled and impossible to nail down genre wise. For me anyway.
    Don’t get me wrong, track one is brilliant too and it would be worth a buy on i
  5. Tom Frankel, Dayne Harper, Acid Kids, Ollie Rant & Takjacob - Shellers Vol.2
    by Shellers
    Impossible for me to pick a favourite track right now.
    The whole EP is the mutts nutts.
    Maybe a favourite will happen after a few more plays but I’m really digging this whole record.
    Top work.
  6. No-One Ever Really Flies EP
    by Captain Over
  7. Dualism E.P.
    by Forest Drive West
  8. SoulCity E.P.
    by Two Shell
    Blobject Blobject
    Two Shell = Buy on sight.

    Only one track on at the moment so that's my favourite!
    Can't wait to hear the rest and to get that slice of wax delivered. Only one month to wait.

    .... It's gonna be a long month!
  9. Reconstructed Club
    by Keplrr
  10. Azul (Max Graef, Glenn Astro & Contours Remixes)
    by Ivan Conti
  11. Access E.P.
    by Two Shell
  12. Penya LP
    by Penya
  13. Katmandu
    by Ivan Conti
  14. Hôtel La Chapelle
    by Mad Rey
  15. [FdT014] Unknown Artist - Dirty Paradise EP
    by Flori de Tei
  16. Earth Scum
    by FYI Chris
    Scum of the Earth (feat Thick Richard) Scum of the Earth (feat Thick Richard)
    Cannot wait until this gets delivered.
    Love what I’ve heard so far, no doubt there’s some bangers being held back until release.
    Only a couple weeks to go!!
  17. Illect Recordings: Mind the Rap Vol. 5
    by Various artists
  18. Scuffed Sampler 002
    by Scuffed Recordings
    by Sid Quirk
    I Do Know You're Saying Mark, Yes I Do Know You're Saying Mark, Yes
    Love this EP.
    It sounds like it has inspiration from all over the place but has been put together so well. Great production on this. Interesting, exciting, leftfield, jazzy and can move your feet too. What's not to love.
  20. Portico Quartet / Hania Rani
    by Portico Quartet / Hania Rani