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  1. London Song
    by Big Big Train
    London Song London Song
    A gorgeous 34 minute mix of Big Big Train songs on a theme of London including some personal favourite songs. Wonderful.
  2. English Electric: Full Power (hi-resolution audio)
    by Big Big Train
    The First Rebreather The First Rebreather
    Easily the best english progressive rock band around. If you are english this album is so rewarding to listen to. Like much of their material it is steeped in the landscape, industry and history of Blighty. I love it for that alone. Not to mention the stellar musicianship. And yes, trains get a mention. There is a song about the Legendary Mallard!
  3. Afterglow
    by In Mourning
    Below Rise To The Above Below Rise To The Above
    A great Mellow Death Band. Certainly filling the void left by Opeth's change in direction. Now with Katatonia's ex drummer Dan Liljekvist. A lightly progressive offering.

    The last track ends with some interesting spacey electronics. It leaves me wondering what they would sound like if they were to pursue that a little more...

    A slightly muddy mix but recommended.
  4. NIX
    by Nick Harper
    Beauty Came First Beauty Came First
    Seeing Nick live is to hear just his incredible guitar work and his ranging voice. This sweet album strips his usual impulse to embellish his studio work back to the essential elements.

    There are many studio recordings of his with multiple instruments that I like but this album exemplifies his raw talent.

    Highly recommended listening.
  5. Riven
    by Nick Harper
    Juicy Fruit Girl Juicy Fruit Girl
    Could this be Nick's best album so far? I believe it certainly is his most accomplished and well rounded effort. first It highlights his upbeat and happy material. Next we are treated to the title track 'Riven' which acts as a centre-point. The second half of the album contains Nick's darker more political material including a very Tom Waits inspired kick at the odious figure of Kelvin Mackenzie.

    If there is justice in the world 'Riven' should make Nick Harper a superstar...
    by Zorch
    Mutwa Mutwa
    Zorch - A glorious noise that should consider touring in England. Please!
  7. Cosmic Gloss/E.M.F.
    by Zorch
    Cosmic Gloss Cosmic Gloss