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Richard Gürtler

  1. Bratislava, Slovakia
  2. Ambient
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  1. Gaia / Earth EP
    by In The Branches & Quiet Sector
  2. Conference Of Morning Birds At The Happiness Research Center
    by Music For Sleep
  3. Motion
    by Toby Marks and Andrew Heath
  4. Wind and Wire
    by Alan Brown
  5. Spirits of Rhea
    by Phelios
  6. Apperception
    by Innesti
  7. The Alchemist’s Muse
    by Andrew Heath
  8. Ancient Paths
    by Third Eye Sound
  9. Fugløya
    by Havdis
  10. Novemberlys
    by Havdis
    "Novemberlys" is another thrillingly accomplished installment by this obscure soundcarver, as usual, intensely exhibiting all his strikingly immersing signatures. A truly rewarding listening journey awaits for all connoisseurs of fascinatingly amorphous drone zones!!! It's no secret this project is one of my most favorites coming from the Scandinavian territories. Bravo and keep on droning, Odd!!! And kudos for your always good eye, Nina!!!
  11. Nightbreeze
    by Havdis
    "Nightbreeze" is another stunningly adventurous album by Havdis. This guy keeps on impressing me with his undulating and crescendoing dronesculptings. "Nightbreeze" exquisitely portrays all the natural summer magic of untamed Norwegian hinterlands. Can't afford to visit these places? Don't worry, with "Nightbreeze" you will be carried away to discover all these jaw-dropping panoramas!!!
  12. The Hidden Islands
    by Havdis
    ...the image of misty seascape with island on the cover artwork is precisely displayed by the opening drones of "Beluga". I am immediately diving into the shadowy arctic waters to experience a truly spectacular adventure of seeing and hearing small, gracefully floating majestic and playful white whales, known as "Beluga". Rather staticly floating, but slowly cascading drones of "Beluga" introduce Havdis at its most submerging!!!

    Thank you for this exciting trip to the Norwegian hinterlands!!!
  13. Pillars
    by Hauras Aaren
    by Steve Roach Exclusive
    subscriber exclusive
  15. Emotional Landscapes (Special Remastered Edition)
    by Erik Wøllo
  16. Silent Escape
    by Spuntic
  17. Give Shape to Space
    by Mikael Lind
  18. Opus Unending
    by Nox
  19. Dinorwic
    by Llyn Y Cwn
  20. (2019) The Tarart mima mystery
    by Mathias Grassow