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  1. Colossus
    by KAYLETH
  2. The Lost Tales
    by Duskwood
    by Stonerror
  4. Widow in Black
    by Stonerror
  5. The Long Dark
    by Duskwood
    Mars Rover Mars Rover
    From the first 5 notes I knew I was going to like this. Once I heard Liam sing I was hooked. Great Band!
  6. III
    by Naxatras
  7. Beyond The Sun
    by Woodhawk
    Beyond The Sun Beyond The Sun
    The Vocals are as great as the music. Rare to find both. What an extremely well produced album! Only complaint is I wish it was twice as long!
  8. Gravitationsnarkose
  9. Mountains Of The Sun (2020 Remaster)
    by Kanoi
    Mountains Of The Sun Mountains Of The Sun
    Excellent contemplative mood setting music. Vocals are haunting. Love this album.
  10. Devil With A Gun
    Devil With A Gun Devil With A Gun
    Lately I've been into Instrumental desert/stoner hard to find vocalists I like. These guys have a western/desert/stoner fusion with freaking GREAT vocals. Blew me away on the first listen.
  11. FLAMING LAKE (live)
    by Electric Moon
    Flaming Lake Flaming Lake
    Found on Youtube. Blown Away. Had to have so I can overload my senses in my car. What an amazing live album! Thanks EM!
  12. Cosmo
    by Sun Mammuth
    Same reason as I bought Kosmodrom. Felt guilty about how many times I was listening to it on Youtube and had to buy it.
  13. Sonnenfracht
    I listened to this so many times on Youtube I felt guilty and finally came over here and bought it. This way of course I get to drive with it blasting!
  14. Liquid Sun
    by The Spacelords
  15. synapse
    by The Spacelords
  16. Not Coming Back
    by Sundrifter
    Out of Life Out of Life
    This album caught me on the first listen and never let go. Extreme talent throughout the band. Great voice, lyrics and sound. Can't wait for the next one!
  17. Void
    by Novadriver
    Shoot the Sky Shoot the Sky
    There is something very visceral about this entire album. Vocals are outstanding and meshes so well with the band! What a great find for me and anyone else who hears it!
  18. Nitrogen
    by Mantra Machine
    Predator Predator
    Found on Youtube and can't stop listening to the entire album. Had to buy it car blasting time! Absolutely amazing band!
  19. Into the Acid Swamp
    by Weedruid
    Every now and then you stumble across a true gem that has no mediocre tracks....this is one of those. Every song is outstanding. A sonic experience like no other this is a magnificent album!
  20. Take A Lover
    The Great German The Great German
    Just found this by swapping tunes with a fellow bandcamp memeber. Going to listen to this all weekend long. What a great Sound!