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  1. VIBES
    by Special Cecilia
    some more cool grooves from one of the queens of indie moves. Check it out, you'll love it.
  2. The Color Of Dreams
    by Derri Daugherty
    Eye (Ambient) Eye (Ambient)
    Derri is one of alternative/indie music's underrated sleepers - with a prolific body of work that always touches the soul. The ambient track touches at the end wrap up a majestically somber mood on this stunning album.
  3. I looked here
    by heartscore
    Heartscore hits another one out of park with a complex rhythm that hearkens a mash of hard rock with a taste of Steely Danish harmonies.
  4. Ghost on the Road
    by ken minty
    Mr. Minty does it again with complex rhythms and channeling the likes of Tom Waits and Dire Straits - replete with his own unique curiosities. Gotta love it.
  5. Left Wrist
    by Arkestar & Treez of the 505
    Arkestar never fails to deliver some of the most interesting grooves around.
  6. Doorbell in the Sky
    by Penelope's Thrill
    You'll love Penelope's Thrill's stylings on this one - like others! This excellent stripped down version is a nice intro to a solid body of work.
  7. Intimate Moments in Public Places
    by Wou-Wou & The Wormling
    Wou Wou and the Wormling is one of the most creative and prolific indie artists around. You'll love the experimental, genre crossing tracks found here.
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  8. Friendly Ghosts
    by Origami Conspiracy
    The Ghost Of My Home Town The Ghost Of My Home Town
    Love this album by unique and gifted artist Origami Conspiracy. One of Bandcamp's finest indie bands.
  9. Loungebladedub [single]
    by Arkestar
    Ark delivers again in a groovin, never predictable way. Strange yet feastable.
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  10. Unhypnotized
    by Derri Daugherty
    Derri and company: Unassuming, underrated, yet overly enjoyable. You'll love it.
  11. Holy Ground EP
    by Fat Pockets
    One Way Rocket One Way Rocket
    Fat Pockets is one of the kings of indie, alternative groovin.' You'll love this intoxicating EP which combines beck-ish hip hop with an occasional Cure-ish moodiness.
  12. Sacrifice
    by Arkestar
    Another excellent track from Arkestar. Retro-modern lounge with a hint of the jet - age.
  13. Surf Radio (original Demo)
    by Analogue Electronic Whatever
    If you love post-punk, retro modern new wave like we do, you'll fall in love with AEW very fast, like we have!
  14. Frozen Milk 77 (original Demo)
    by Analogue Electronic Whatever
    AEW has some of the most terrifically authentic, retro sounds around - a truly authentic new wave revival! You will love it.
  15. Should the wide world roll away
    by heartscore
    Heartscore delivers here again with inventive, literary music. Not an easy find in the hard rock genre!
    by SENNID
    You'll love this indie raggae artist. The most authentic you're likely to find on Bandcamp. Enjoy!
  17. The Belly Eye (2017)
    by Orbiting Freakshow Orchestra
    Generic Love Song Generic Love Song
    Fans of Pink Floyd or even Brian Wilson will love this indie, brains-scape, escapade through an introspective world of anxious colors and beautiful questions.
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  18. Crying Kisses
    by Suko Pyramid
    Rat Guts And Pork Hooves Rat Guts And Pork Hooves
    Suko Pyramid is one of the tastiest, unknown, indie bands around. Always interesting and unpredictable - yet flows so naturally. You will love it.
  19. New
    by heartscore
    Heartscore continues to show his creative juices are flowing in this reworked version of "She's Excited." Lot's of nice twists in this track!
  20. Guadalupe
    by Michael Roe
    For Crying Out Loud For Crying Out Loud
    Love this reflective side of Mike Roe's artistic endeavors as much as the edgier material. Glad I finally got a chance to meet him in Fresno a few years ago. Amazing body of work from him and the 77s.
  21. Bedroom Demos- Vol. 1
    by Terry Scott Taylor
    Lean On You Lean On You
    Excellent, personal collection from creative, influential artist. Really glad to see this bedroom series on here!
  22. Shedding The Mortal Coil (2017)
    by Terry Scott Taylor
    One of my all-time favorite Daniel Amos tracks. Have bugged the band by requesting this at live shows before!
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  23. Beautiful Mystery
    by Terry Scott Taylor
    Brian Wilson-esque vocals with expressive lyrics make this a true gem.
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  24. Walls Of Doubt 2017
    by Terry Scott Taylor
    A classic track from Terry and friends -who have had much influence on my own music.
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  25. Gods
    by heartscore
    Some unearthly musicianship and expressive, creative chord changes make this a delight to the ears!
  26. It's Not That Easy (2 Look U In The Eye)
    by Arkestar
    You'll love the creative, alternative funk here from Ark and friends. Never disappoints!
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  27. Softism
    by 0point1
    Love the off the charts creativity of Opoint 1. Never predictable - yet always listenable. A really brilliant combination.
  28. The Fall of the House of Usher
    by Gordon Midgley
    Storm Storm
    Gordon Midgley's inspired album based on a classic literary work has been much anticipated. You will love the heart and musicianship here. One of indie - rock's better artists.
  29. Footprints
    by ken minty
    Ken's guitar playing really shines on this one!
  30. Arkestar & PMK ~ The Dog Star Deluxe E.P. [©{{{•√°}}}®]
    by Arkestar
    Ordinary Bedtime Ordinary Bedtime
    Creative, thoughtful, groovy and off the beaten path. You'll love Arkestar. Great collab here!
  31. Behold from the land of the farther suns
    by heartscore
    Heartscore can always be counted on to cross multiple boundaries with excellent musicianship. You'll love it!
  32. Too Many Notes
    by Jay Smith Group
    Jay Smith group is impressive both live and in studio. Both experiences come highly recommended!
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  33. Past
    by Jay Smith Group
    This track really features Smith's tricky and excellent piano work.
  34. Elephant Shoes
    by Jay Smith Group
    Jay Smith Gorup shreds, bringing edgy style an insane musicianship to contemporary jazz
  35. Clarence
    by This Way to the Egress
    Gotta love "This Way's" energy and retro attitude. Edgy and fun!
  36. Midnight Supply
    by ken minty
    Another really intriguing track from Mr. Minty, with a signature off center rhythm track and terrific lit based lyrics.
  37. Mind Bridges
    by TheNotch
    The Notch, a truly unique new jazz/experimental act. Love everything about this.
  38. Black HOle [Single]
    by Arkestar
    Black HOle [Radio Edit] Black HOle [Radio Edit]
    Yet another fab track from Arkestar. Punchy, sweet, experimental, modern, thoughtful. Strangely works with a touch of genius.
  39. Two SemiQuavers Short of a Popular Song
    by ken minty
    Ken Minty's uniquely juicy riff writing really shines in this track. Ken's music is a must for Tom Waits and Leanard Cohen fans!
  40. The Mariners of Brithombar
    by ken minty
    Groovin' bass exemplifies Minty's string playing prowess! This, along with his usually, unusual rhythm patterns is vintage Mintage.
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  41. Once I knew a fine song
    by heartscore
    Heartscore's musicality and creativity is off the charts. Always a great listen!
  42. Another dark lady (2017)
    by heartscore
    Yet another example of Heartcore's versatility and musical genius. Never a dull moment in Heartscore - land!
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  43. Useless Weapons
    by The Inconsistent Jukebox feat Luciole Langevine
  44. idENTITY
    by Arkestar
    Red Balloon Red Balloon
    Arkestar always delivers in the most unique, groovin, experimental, yet accessible manner. You won't be disappointed.
  45. The Audio Bin II
    by The Audio Bin