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  1. The Owleon
    by Vivian Koch
    Blondy Electrogoerl Blondy Electrogoerl
  2. ICU Tracks
    by Production Unit
  3. Tangents Series #04: CBK Robots
    by TVO & Andrew Sharpley
  4. li_series 01: Installation Pieces
    by TVO
  5. Dreams Torn From The Sky EP
    by Isodyne
  6. Kirkville Blue
    by Accrual
  7. li_series 02: Storm Katie
    by Dirty Hope
  8. li_series 04: The Empty Room
    by Orphax
  9. li_series 05: Jack On Piano
    by TVO
  10. Amid The Blaze of Noon
    by TVO/The Village Orchestra
  11. ssg_edits
    by TVO
  12. The Glamour Of Despondency
    by Mick Finesse
  13. Blocking Out Inaction
    by TVO
  14. One Quarter Dust
    by Laica
  15. The King Of All Tears
    by TVO
  16. Tangents Series #02: Live At The Outer Church
    by BrokenThree
  17. Loving Grace
    by Production Unit
  18. Transference
    by Tengui
  19. We Can Remember It For You Wholesale
    by TVO/The Village Orchestra
  20. The Longest Direction Between Two Points
    by TVO