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  1. Thorn of The Frozen Star
    by Frozen Night
  2. Celeste: Farewell (Original Soundtrack)
    by Lena Raine
    Farewell Farewell
  3. Waffle
    by A State of Sugar
    From Here To Where VIP From Here To Where VIP
  4. Five One
    by Natus
  5. Sichtbeton | Storys 1
    by Morgsch
  6. Ephemeral II: Parallels
    by SDreamExplorerS
  7. RoomVR & Zephysonas - Starlight Sanctuary
    by RoomVR
  8. Elements EP
    by Mantlegen
  9. Dirty Gem (feat. Lennon Black)
    by Lennon Black, Mantlegen
  10. Unsung
    by Frozen Night
  11. Unity
    by Frozen Night
  12. Skyward
    by Ponies at Dawn
    Heroes Of The Sky Heroes Of The Sky
  13. Risk of Rain 2: Early Access OST
    by Chris Christodoulou
    Into the Doldrums Into the Doldrums
  14. Infinite
    by Notaker
  15. In Her Mind
    by Seventh Element
  16. Alive and Everfree! (live at Everfree Encore 2018)
  17. Here we are
    by Radiarc
  18. Ice Cream
    by A State of Sugar
    Oneiromancy Oneiromancy
  19. I Love Everything (Faulty & JoinedTheHerd Remix)
    by JayB
  20. Casting Shadows
    Lullaby For Friends Lullaby For Friends
  21. Paper Boats
    Petäjärvi Forest Petäjärvi Forest
  22. Transition
    by Velvet R. Wings
  23. See the World (open up your eyes)
    by BlueBrony
  24. Memories
    by Ponies at Dawn
    Peace At Last... Peace At Last...
  25. Recollections
    by Ponies at Dawn
    Together Together
  26. Rebirth
    by Ponies at Dawn
    Worthy (RoomVR Remix) Worthy (RoomVR Remix)
  27. Enigma
    by Ponies at Dawn
    Timberwolves Timberwolves
  28. Falling In Sky (bank pain Remix)
    by Ponylution
  29. Path Back To Harmony (bank pain Remix)
    by Faulty ft. ThatMusicBrony
  30. The Spectacle (Zizkil Remix)
    by Daniel Ingram & Lena Hall
  31. Your Kindness
    by ertrii
  32. Thinking About This Life
    by ertrii
  33. I'll Find You
    by ertrii
  34. On the Edge
    by Synthis
  35. For You
    by Synthis
  36. Loose
    by Radiarc
  37. Bubblegum
    by A State of Sugar
    Flutterwander (NeverLastStanding Remix) Flutterwander (NeverLastStanding Remix)
  38. Free to Think
    by ertrii
  39. Serenity
    by ertrii
  40. Strangers On The Road
    by ertrii
  41. rewritable EP
    by bank pain
    way back home way back home
  42. tea leaves
    by bank pain
  43. At the Chill Fields
    by Nicolas Dominique
  44. Beats 4 Everfree
    by Lycan Dese Beats
    Have Here Have Here
  45. D.Vee (Single)
    by Faulty