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  2. Metal
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  1. Álbum Negro
    by Bizarra Locomotiva
    Ergástulo Ergástulo
    Simplesmente brutal e único!!! Obrigatório ter e ouvir!!! Grande abraço ...
  2. Lone (Atmospheric Death/Doom Metal)
    by OAK (Portugal)
  3. Buried Deep
    by Frowning
  4. The Last Journey
    by Soul of Anubis
  5. Midnight Pleasures
    by Scum Liquor
  6. Earthscapes
    by Alex Tiuniaev
    The feeling expressed in these melodies is unique and very powerful.
  7. Preliminary Script
    by Dmitry Evgrafov
    Let's assume that the pain exists only to make us sick ... the cure for this reality is in this album !!!
  8. End Of The Circle
    by Ennui
  9. Of Fire And Light
    by Theriomorphic
  10. Enter The Mighty Theriomorphic
    by Theriomorphic
  11. The Beast Brigade
    by Theriomorphic
  12. Funeral Impressions
    by Frowning
    Obsessed Obsessed
    Fabulous and deep !!!
  13. Sangue Cassia
    by Sinistro
    Abismo Abismo
    Um dos melhores álbuns de todos os tempos!!!
  15. The Darkness at the Edge of Dawn
    by The Howling Void
  16. Irrfärd
    by Ofdrykkja
  17. Clangores Plenilunio
    by Selvans
  18. Abdication Under Funeral Dirge
    by Grim Funeral
  19. Earth I
    by Earth and Pillars
  20. Re Un
    by Névoa
  21. EP3: Green Metal / Deterministic Chaos
    by Botanist / Oskoreien
  22. Cold Ground
    by Echoes of Yul
  23. IV Love Eternal
    by Aelter
  24. Saule
    by Saule
  25. Abyss Constellation
    by The Clearing Path
  26. The Lucifer Principle
    by Panzerfaust
  27. The Great Filter / Type III
    by Mesarthim
  28. Runa
    by The Howling Void
  29. Suffer The Cold
    by Circle of Salt
  30. Downfall of Nur / Selvans
    by Selvans / Downfall of Nur
  31. From the dead villages' darkness
    by Sivyj Yar
  32. Lowlife
    by Cold Cell
  33. Yheri
    by Hornwood Fell
  34. The End
    by Manetheren
  35. The November Harvest
    by Angela Martyr
  36. U.M.A.
    by Progenie Terrestre Pura
  37. I - Dark Dragons of the Cosmos
    by Battle Dagorath
  38. Bestiale Battito Divino
    by Cioran
  39. Pillars
    by Mesarthim
  40. Nigredo
    by Janus
  41. My Body, My Time
    by Hornwood Fell
  42. Nessun Luogo
    by Asofy
  43. .- -... ... . -. -.-. .
    by Mesarthim
  44. The Shrine of Primal Fire
    by A Pale December
  45. The First of the Listeners
    by Recitations