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  1. Neon City
    Sunglasses on at night whilst cruising at top speeds through the streets of L.A. This is a synthwave lovers dream come true!
  2. The Rise Of The Synths (Official Companion Album) EP 1
    by Lakeshorerecords
    Stargate Stargate
  3. The Rise Of The Synths (Official Companion Album) EP 2
    by Lakeshorerecords
    The Vale Of Shadows The Vale Of Shadows
    This is one the best compilations of artists in this genre. All showcasing NEW music that compels you to listen again and again.
  4. Transmissions: Vol. 03
    by FreqGen
    Cassini Cassini
    The transition from Celldweller to FreqGen makes so much sense once you dig into the Transmissions volumes. VOL. 3 is, I feel, the best showcase of what this project is all about. Klayton weaves atmosphere, complexity and energy wrapped up in an ambient-chill-electronic story. Close your eyes and let this ship take you galaxies and worlds beyond space and time.
  5. End of an Empire: The Remixes (Instrumentals)
    by Celldweller
    G4M3 0V3R (1N5TRUM3NT4L) G4M3 0V3R (1N5TRUM3NT4L)
    More chip tunes please!
  6. Machines of Our Disgrace
    by Circle of Dust
    Contagion Contagion
    Pure kick-ass fury. Hints of Ministry mixed with bits of old school Fear Factory, Klayton makes a monster out of this album.
  7. Rendezvous (Single)
    by Scandroid
    Rendezvous Rendezvous
    As it has been stated, this is THE damn catchiest song by Scandroid
  8. Reflections (Instrumental Edition)
    by Timecop1983
    Let's Talk (instrumental) Let's Talk (instrumental)
    Laying on a hammock starring up at a clear night sky whilst the Milky Way and stars crawl on by.
  9. L.A. To Miami
    by Night Driver
    Everyone Gets A Laser Everyone Gets A Laser
    Top down on the Trans AM, Floridian-sky streaming above, summer wind rushing in with a warm kiss, palm trees frame all peripherals, KITT knows the way to the heart and soul.
  10. Downwell
    by Eirik Suhrke
    Razor girl Razor girl
  11. Street Fighter II The Definitive Soundtrack
    by Yoko Shimomura, Isao Abe, Syun Nishigaki
    Title Theme (The New Challengers Version) [CPS-2] Title Theme (The New Challengers Version) [CPS-2]
  12. Retro-Active Pt. 2
    by Keiji Yamagishi
    Thought Police Thought Police
    Picking up right where Retro-Active Pt. 1 left off. Does not disappoint.
  13. Exile's End (Original Soundtrack)
    by Keiji Yamagishi
    Integrated Circuit Integrated Circuit
  14. Chronicles Of The Wasteland / Turbo Kid Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    by Le Matos
    Highway 64 Highway 64
  15. Heart Beat Circuit
    by Smoke Thief
    Forever Never Forever Never
  16. Subconscious Landscapes
    by Velvet Acid Christ
    Barbed Wire Garden Barbed Wire Garden
  17. Retro-Active Pt. 1
    by Keiji Yamagishi
    First Contact First Contact
  18. Wave of Babies (digital single)
    by Animals As Leaders
  19. Geminis in the Country (Bonus Track)
    by Hammock
  20. Birds Flying in Sequence
    by Hammock
    appears in 1 other collection
  21. Dead Market
    by Haujobb
    Letting The Demons Sleep (Nightmare) Letting The Demons Sleep (Nightmare)