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  1. Nyarlathotep
    by Cryo Chamber Collaboration
    Nyarlathotep 1 Nyarlathotep 1
  2. Voodoohop: Entropia Coletiva I
    by voodoohop
    Sokak Sokak
  3. Through the Magick Mountain
    by Das Raumpiloten
    Suneater Suneater
  4. Chelsea Lankes (EP)
    by Chelsea Lankes
    Home Home
    Listen carefully on Home and you can hear a strange but reassuring surging sound. That's the sound of the quality of pop music ascending several points on bandcamp, that is. Every track a winner and my favourite EP for 2016 so far, at least.
  5. Guru Overload
    by Eternal Tapestry
    Trout Fishing On The Street Of Eternity Trout Fishing On The Street Of Eternity
  6. Keine Oase in Sicht
    by Datashock
    Mudschahidin der Liebe Mudschahidin der Liebe
  7. 303606303606
    by Chris Moss Acid
    The Power The Power
  8. Gravity
    by azuria sky
    listen_ listen_
  9. Awakening
    by Expo 70
    Prisms Adrift Luminous Sunbeams Prisms Adrift Luminous Sunbeams
  10. Once There Was A Time When Time And Space Were One
    by My Brother The Wind
    Prologue Prologue
  11. Trans Martian Express
    by Moonwood
    Trans Martian Disko Trans Martian Disko
  12. Until All The Ghosts Are Gone
    Shooting Star Shooting Star
  13. Nine Men's Morris
    by The NoMen
    Glissando Initiation Glissando Initiation
    A slightly uneven album, and the Australian news reports don't bear up to repeated playings, but overall worthwhile. In fact, it's worth buying just for the "Glissando Initiation" track alone!
  14. Outer Tehom
    by Dronny Darko
    Arcane Shrine Arcane Shrine
    Will reality ever be the same? A palate cleanser for all that disturbs one in life. This atmospheric masterwerk may sound like nihilistic trapdoors, but on each listen an affirmation of musical potential will leave you giddier with hope. Be bold! Rich entertainment awaits!!
  15. SENNA
    by Mahogany Frog
    Saffron Myst Saffron Myst
    Spellbinding stuff! I want this album all to myself. Its tireless magnificence is mine, mine I tells ya!! Oh, all right, fill your boots. Disappointment: Impossible.
  16. Noise on Yellow Paper
    by Derridada
    Orange and Lake Orange and Lake
    It's noise but not as you know it. Among the clatter and chaos, intelligent subtleties reign.
  17. Im Garten der Freude
    by Vintage Cucumber
    Spuren im Sand Spuren im Sand
    An intoxicating concoction from a fantasy fulfillment netherworld that, thanks to the bubbly genius at work here, is now within reach.
  18. Man Made Stars
    by The Stickmen
    Floating Pawn Floating Pawn
    Greymouth a "bleak environment"?!? Sleevenotes, eh? Great towns harbour wonderful secrets, unfolding them to those that deserve to hear them. Like this album. 9/10.
  19. Opposite Sex
    by Opposite Sex
    Dada Creep Dada Creep
    The first time I played this I felt strangled by ideas and arrangements, but in a good way. The album has since, of course, become my best friend.
  20. Idiot Prayer- Falconer
    by Idiot Prayer
    Bailterspace Bailterspace
    A refreshing awe-rock accomplishment from a gang of raw enthusiasts. Idiot Prayer take the moodiness with sly smiles meter up to 10 on the first track, and comfortably maintain the dark, rocking fun. If you don't like this, you're not just in the wrong aisle, there's a van waiting for you outside.
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  21. true that
    by Michael Cera
    Kettle Kettle
    A magic box full of unusual harmonies, plaintive moods, out of tune pianos, authentic bedroom guitar, askew lyrics and a strong sense of low key, homemade fun. Wonderful, in other words.
  22. 1971
    by Krautwerk
    I I
  23. The First Active Listener Acid Folk Sampler
    by The Active Listener
    Meditation On Lost Gardens Meditation On Lost Gardens
  24. A stairway to the stars
    by The Caretaker
    We cannot escape the past We cannot escape the past
    Music from your dreams of heaven, magically and inexplicably captured. 5/5.
  25. Red Giant
    by Barrows
    Black Hole Black Hole
    Tonight Richard Branson, who famously signed a certain krautrock band in the 70s, is yabbering away on Letterman. Probably about local space travel. Well he should have cut a few corners and travelled a lot further by signing Barrows instead. Your Mum would even let you travel with them. Their sound is intimate, exciting, surprisingly original and incredibly REAL. Buy a ticket, Faust too would approve! (..and, in what seems like a multi-supernovae flash, the trip is over..time to break a wine glass, and start all over again.....)
  26. The Red Eyed Queen
    by The Space Spectrum
    Part I Part I
    Oh bliss and Heaven. It's probably a cliché to say that a perfectly suspended piece of art seems to have been created between the end and beginning of time. But it's also a cliché to say the same thing about a perfect summer's day too, I imagine. Lie back, close your eyes, and create a holiday memory. No sun lotion or bug repellent required.
  27. Pyramiden von Gießen 2xLp
    by Datashock
    Die Pyramiden von Gießen Die Pyramiden von Gießen
    Lots to be read here about Datashock by the looks. Brevity, then? Something succinct? Don't waste your time reading: buy it, you won't regret it. There y'go. Oh, a description? Preferably 70s orientated? Hmmm. Public Image Ltd, Ash Ra Tempel, John Carpenter, Ry Cooder and Sun Ra combine their talents and storm Glastonbury and Stonehenge on the same night and murder the remaining members of Pink Floyd. Well, you asked. Night!
  28. Encounter One
    by Ampacity
    Ultima Hombre Ultima Hombre
    A 5 piece that play like a 3 piece. This is praise. I don't mean they sound like Hanson, or even The Who and Husker Du. Not quite. We are talking Ash Ra Tempel, Motorhead, perhaps Blue Cheer realms here, with Cream trembling off to the side of the stage at the massive, focused, never gratuitous ROCK SOUND that will make your ears glad to bleed. Do I love this group? Pardon?!! SPEAK UP!! Oh sorry, YES YES I DO!!!!
  29. Teen Mums
    by Major Leagues
    As punchy and sublime a pop song as you could hope for, and timeless to boot. Dance wildly or lie in a corner of the room, play it on repeat and make them famous.
  30. Heliotians
    by Deluge Grander
    Ulterior Ulterior
    A whirlwind of ambition and musical delectation. This fizzy, friendly, fantastic record is an adventure in your favourite summer garden.
  31. The Arboreal Observatory
    by United Bible Studies
    Guthanna Sa Dorchadas Guthanna Sa Dorchadas
    An atypical but not analytical approach to metaphysical folk reveals warmth and some kind of gentle understanding, clarity even, amongst the wonderful weirdness. When I visit their world, I don't want to go home.
  32. Cuts from the Ether
    by Sungod
    Kraut Schulze Kraut Schulze
    Sungod play the soundtrack to that dream you had where you got locked in a record store, to find nothing familiar but all of it fantastic. And what a thrilling finale on the final track!
  33. i
    by MMOSS
    and i do set my bow in the clouds and i do set my bow in the clouds
    This is probably the band that Tame Impala wanted to be, not that there's anything wrong with TI. Mmoss are just rawer, more ingenuous to the original pysch vision perhaps, and very addictive. Hell, they're probably the band that Camper Van Beethoven wanted to be!