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  1. Years of Silicon
    by A Hope For Home
  2. here, the end
    by A Hope For Home
  3. The Dark Pool
    by Thornhill
  4. Valuables
    by Enemies
  5. Praise Armageddonism
    by Blood Command
  6. Of the Twelve
    by These Evil Days
    Alternate Endings Alternate Endings
    An early release from These Evil Days, their energy really shines through. The full band stands out compared to other albums, and they manage to really pack a lot of ideas into 3 songs. Black Friday is a re-release from their first EP, but the changes, particularly to the breakdowns, really standout.

    Alternate Endings is the standout song imo, it moves between lots of ideas, and it's not afraid to move between heavy, and thoughtful. The best passages are when the drums bring change.
  7. Sad Ghost
    by These Evil Days
    Birth of Zion Birth of Zion
    Sad Ghost is big and raw. It's obvious it's a two piece band, and seems like some of the songs were recorded with more tracks in mind that are missing from the final product.

    With that said, each track moves with life. There is some DIRTY passages in Death by Planets that go with the hardest.

    Birth of Zion features the most complete ideas with heart felt lyrics, with vocals that move between screams and clean. While the drums push the song with frenetic energy.
  8. The Romance Of Affliction
    by SeeYouSpaceCowboy...
  9. blossoms
    by Kris Kirk
  10. Turn
    by The Ferenjis
    Mutual Friends Mutual Friends
    Turn is The Ferenji's most mature album yet. It lacks the flashiness of their past releases but favors cozy vibes and broad textures. There is something to love in every track whether it's the evocative and honest lyrics, their groovy, poppy guitar leads, their dreamy keyboards, or tight and punchy rhythms.

    The album is clean, crisp, and a joy to listen to whether driving on a sunny day, or chilling at home on the couch.
  11. Corona di Cervo
    by Ox en Mayo Alto
    el sorbo de la fuente con el dado de estrellas encima, en la cabaña el sorbo de la fuente con el dado de estrellas encima, en la cabaña
    In Corona, Ox en Mayo Alto continues to build on their past releases, and somehow made their sounds broader with deep textures and punchy dynamics. They show again how they can expertly pull back the music, letting ghostly poetry guide us, and then punch in for intense and frenetic passages where every instrument takes turns guiding the intricate rhythms. Music like this is felt more than heard.
  12. Páthos
    by Conjurer
  13. This World Is Going To Ruin You
  14. Modern Grotesque
    by Dreamwell
  15. motionless, watching you
    by Sadness
  16. Solitude
    by Cloudkicker
  17. FTL
    by Ben Prunty
  18. Vivid Illusion
    by Vivid Illusion
  19. Where Myth Becomes Memory
    by Rolo Tomassi
  20. Sounds Of Tokyo-To Future
    by 2 Mello