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  1. Moon Healer
    by Job for a Cowboy
  2. Cerebral Purgatory
  3. ILION
    by SLIFT
  4. The Tales Of The Dense Forest
    by Niemaracz
  5. Conveyance in Death
    by RHÛN
  6. Παραμαινομένη
    by Ὁπλίτης
  7. Vault Of Horrors
    by Aborted
  8. Procul His
    by Drowned
  9. Lower Form Resistance
    by Dissimulator
  10. Deformity Adrift: Reformed
    by Nightmarer
  11. Phantazein
    by Cognizance
  12. The Great Filtration
    by Mycorrhizae
  13. The Wishing Tomb
    by Counting Hours
  14. Zombie Massacre Live
    by Mortician
  15. Hydrolysated Ordination
    by Cabinet
  16. Harbinger of Woe
    by Brodequin
  17. Maze Envy
    by Civerous
  18. Voyage of the Dead Marauder
    by Alestorm
  19. Men Guðs hond er sterk
    by Hamferð
  20. In The Twilight Grey (24-bit HD audio)
    by Necrophobic