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  1. Of bark and Ash
    by Wolvencrown
  2. Embrace Of The Godless Aeon
    by Hecate Enthroned
  3. Immortalised In Death
    by Deadwood Lake
  4. I
    by Conjurer
  5. The Art of Manipulation
    by Ward XVI
  6. Time's End: Majora's Mask Remixed
    by Theophany
  7. Blasphemer
    by Blasphemer
  8. The Crown of Doubt
    by Auri
  9. Dead By Dawn
    by Possessor
  10. Hoist the Black Flag
    by Iron SeaWolf
  11. Prologue
    by End Of Level Boss
  12. Eklectric
    by End Of Level Boss
    Mouth Of Hats Mouth Of Hats
    Ever since hearing EoLB way back on a terrorizer compilation I've wanted to get ahold of the albums. So progressive without being pretentious, so real and urban sounding and relatable to the sludginess of life... it completely lived up to what was around a 10 year wait for me. Hope you'll return one day!
  13. Inside the Difference Engine
    by End Of Level Boss
  14. Sathamel Self Titled EP
    by Sathamel
  15. Monuments
    by Northern Oak
  16. Tales From Rivelin
    by Northern Oak
  17. Biteration I: Genesis of Consequence
    by Inverse Phase
  18. Koopa Bounce
    by Keith Apicary
  19. Donkey Kong Country With Lyrics
    by brentalfloss
  20. Unreleased YouTube Songs!
    by brentalfloss
  21. Benchwarmer, Vol. 1
    by Brent Black
  22. What if This CD...DIDN'T Have Lyrics?
    by brentalfloss
  23. Catacombs
    by Voice of the Soul
    by Desolator
  25. Monstrous
    by Beyond Grace
  26. The Path of Apotheosis
    by Inferi
  27. Divinity in War
    by Inferi
  28. A Tiny Spaceship's Final Mission
    by FantomenK
  29. Triptunes
    by Blitz Lunar
  30. Identity Will Not Save You
    by The Queenstons
  31. Rad Raygun Soundtrack
    by FantomenK
  32. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning DLC Music
    by Grant Kirkhope

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  1. Hidden History of the Human Race
    by Blood Incantation
  2. Mire
    by Conjurer