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  1. Pronto!
    by Ultraboss
    Melting by Heat Melting by Heat
    The brand new album by Ultraboss!

    Definitely love it.. Cool production, practically no guitars.. Bravo to you, Boss!
  2. Gravitas
    by Ultraboss
    Cat Person Cat Person
    Our Ultraboss never disappoints!

    Now, after a few days, I'm impressed and completely satisfied with this release, which our dear facemelter-man and man-with-supernova-syndrome delivered to us!

    The album flows smoothly and gently from shredwave to synthwave, from rock to Bach and finally to the familiar aspects of other works by the Boss.

    "Gravitas" offers a glimpse into a fantasy world that emerged from the insanely beautiful mix.

    So, feel free to add something of your own to this fantasy!
  3. This is Shredwave
    by Ultraboss
    Maserati della Morte Maserati della Morte
    It's hard to highlight the best track. The whole album is pure Gold! 🔥🔥🔥

    The vinyl edition is also fantastic:
  4. Slave to the Passion (I & II)
    by Ultraboss
    Irrlichter Irrlichter
    It's pure joy to see it on vinyl! 🎸😁🔥
  5. Slave to the Passion 2: The Perils of Shredwave Decadence
    by Ultraboss
    Chains of Destiny Chains of Destiny
    Fantastic work! It's pure shredwave!

    I have nothing more to say about this album, except that the work is absolutely amazing! 🎸😁🔥

    The vinyl edition is also fantastic:
  6. Slave to the Passion 1
    by Ultraboss
    Loving You All Night (feat. Rico Franchi) Loving You All Night (feat. Rico Franchi)
    Truly, Ultraboss is the King! 🎸😁🔥

    The vinyl edition is also fantastic:
    "Soulforce" feat. Personality & Cody Carpenter "Soulforce" feat. Personality & Cody Carpenter
    Experimental material by our Master of Guitars.

    Even though it's a compilation of different tracks, a compilation of b-sides, just look at this compositional solution. Competent composition of tracks and voila – it became a real album!

    So, I think I would grab it on vinyl. Truth! 🎸😁🔥
  8. Seven Deadly Synths
    by Ultraboss
    Lord of the Deep (feat. Tokyo Rose) Lord of the Deep (feat. Tokyo Rose)
    What is the "Seven Deadly Synths" album? The answer is simple! A killer and insane mix of Ultraboss' style and the styles of other musicians.

    Despite the fact that there are so many feats here, the main style, – the Boss style, is perfectly observed here.

    The album came out darker than other works by PJ d'Atri aka Ultraboss and I love this longplay with a special love.

    The vinyl edition is also fantastic:
    "Autostrada Mezzanotte" "Autostrada Mezzanotte"
    "Tenerezza" "Tenerezza"
    When I listened to this album for the first time, I immediately fell in love with Ultraboss, his guitars & shredwave subgenre. The LP turned my music listener life upside down. "Kyrie Electron" gave me a new sound that I couldn't find in synthwave. So, as the legacy of 80's rock & metal, "KE" is totally must-have for rockers, metal fans & shredwavers.

    I would like to thank Philipp d'Atri aka Ultraboss for this wonderful listening experience. His other works under all aliases are also brilliant!
  11. Follow The Power
    by Vincenzo Salvia & Pj D'atri
    The Elemental Dive The Elemental Dive
    S H R E D W A V E : The Beginning! 🎸😁🔥
  12. Johann Sebastian Bach - Sonatas, Preludes & Fugues
    by PJ d'ATRI
    Boureé 1 & 2 in C Minor - Bwv 1009 Boureé 1 & 2 in C Minor - Bwv 1009
    The sequel to the Bachiana is as amazing as the "Bach" album itself.

    Viva Bach!
  13. Speed Issues - The Duets
    by PJ d'Atri
    KISS THE HAMMER feat. Rafael Trujillo KISS THE HAMMER feat. Rafael Trujillo
  14. B A C H
    Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 in G Major, BWV 1048 - Allegro Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 in G Major, BWV 1048 - Allegro
    The incredible guitar interpretation of the classical pieces. I just can't imagine how much effort and rehearsal it takes to release such album...

    The music and the album cover are pure masterpieces!

    Viva Bach!
  15. Giardino Segreto
    by Empire Galaxy
    Primavera Primavera
  16. Spaghetti Rock Revolution
    by Empire Galaxy
    Guierriero Guierriero
    appears in 1 other collection
  17. I wanna be a Rockstar! - The TBT Collection
    by Hasnbear Music
    Ouverture Ouverture
  18. Vol. 2 - Into The Night
    by Hasnbear Music
    Raging Romeo Raging Romeo
  19. Vol. 1 - ORIGINS
    by Hasnbear Music
    Detroit Rock City Detroit Rock City
  20. Megawave
    by Dana Jean Phoenix & Powernerd
    Sunrise Stance Sunrise Stance