This is retrospective for love ’s music collection on Bandcamp.

retrospective for love

  1. R&B/Soul
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  1. John Wizards
    by John Wizards
    by Emanuele Triglia
  3. Icy Roads (Stacked)
    by Joe Armon-Jones
  4. They Asked Me to Stay
    by Sans Soucis
  5. Travel Light
    by Children Of Zeus
  6. The Fearless Flyers
    by The Fearless Flyers
  7. You Can't Evict A Movement (City Plaza)
    by Aphty Khéa
  8. Swum Baby EP
    by Puma Blue
  9. Brighter Wounds
    by Son Lux
  10. Oscar Jerome
    by Oscar Jerome
  11. Green Twins
    by Nick Hakim
  12. Sorceress
    by Jordan Rakei
  13. Telefone
    by Noname
  14. EPs VOL. I & II
    by Native Dancer
  15. FSK
    by Forsqueak
  16. Antiphon
    by Alfa Mist
  17. repaired
    by heka
  18. Altri Mondi
    by Utveggi
  19. Onward Journey
    by Tom Clarkson
  20. Caipi
    by Kurt Rosenwinkel
  21. Random Activities of a Heart
    by Retrospective for Love
  22. K.O.I.
    by Emanuele Triglia
  23. Fugue State
    by Vulfpeck
  24. Thrill of the Arts
    by Vulfpeck
  25. My First Car
    by Vulfpeck
  26. Mit Peck
    by Vulfpeck
  27. Vollmilch
    by Vulfpeck
  28. Same Brushes - Gianni Gebbia elettromagnetico
    by Gianni Gebbia
  29. time is elastic EP
    by kalm daan sound
  30. INTEGRA (HQ 96KHz)
    by Ivan Segreto
  31. Pseudarhythm, Vol. 2
    by Sufyvn
  32. Waves
    by ThrowBack
  33. Los Padres
    by Los Padres
  34. Bones
    by Son Lux
  35. Interlude
    by Leslie Phillips
  36. Feel At Ease
    by Los and the Deadlines
  37. Nubiyan Twist (WF103)
    by Nubiyan Twist
  38. In Each And Every One
    by Polar Bear
  39. EP Vol. I
    by Native Dancer
  40. Trinity - Spirit
    by Tom Kendall
  41. The Midnight Honeys
    by captain fix & the midnight honeys
  42. Little Histories
    by Cloudkicker
  43. S T A Y ( W I T H M E )
    by HLMNSRA
    by Low Leaf
  45. Groove Curse EP
    by Jordan Rakei