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  1. Drifting Across The Night Sky
    by The ambient drones of Bill Baxter
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    Drifting Across The Night Sky part one Drifting Across The Night Sky part one
    Bill Baxter provides the perfect vehicle for your nocturnal aerial reconnaissance across the night sky.

    At almost 4 hours in length, this release is dreamy, peaceful and relaxing. The soothing sounds are in perfect harmony with your surroundings and create an enchanting ambience for your night flight.
  2. -н - о - ч - и -
    by Astral & Shit
    н о ч и н о ч и
    Superbly crafted with deep, rich sonic textures and with hints of a cosmic theme, "-н - о - ч - и - " lifts you high up into the astral planes.

    The impressive music, along with the captivating artwork make this an instant favorite. Highly recommended!
  3. Coal
    by S. Pakhomov
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    Piercing The Darkness Piercing The Darkness
    From Elektrostal, Russia Sergey Pakhomov delivers 7 Harsh Noise Wall (HNW) tracks that sizzle, crunch and explode with mind-bending dynamism. The bass is bone crushing throughout, and on some tracks like "Piercing the Darkness" and "Methane" the bass is so low that it is practically inaudible ... very powerful!

    I must give special mention to the incredible artwork. In certain light or at a certain angle, the man in the foreground of the picture is not a man at all ... visually stunning art!
  4. Static Hermit
    by Wallmaster
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    01 01
    This season Jason Campbell (aka Wallmaster, Mohrn, Secretum Omega, Ultimo Mondo Cannibale, SSTGFLS J222557+601148, UDFj-39546284 and many more) has unleashed a massive arsenal of explosive, ear-shredding Harsh Noise Wall releases sure to singe your synapses.

    "Static Hermit" ... twelve tracks / walls of unending static drone and compressed psycho-acoustic noise.... total bliss ... enjoy!
  5. HNW Illuminati
    by Wallmaster
    HNW Illuminati HNW Illuminati
    Although Harsh Noise Wall (HNW) music (or non-music???) is widely available on the internet, there is very little written about this phenomenon. The truth is that this sound is getting more and more popular with new artists and labels popping up daily.

    ... And who are the HNW Illuminati? Jason Campbell (Wallmaster), Vomir, Sleep Column, the Rita, Mikhail Lezin (Ethyl Snowman) and many other artists have been creating this sound for years.

    This release is a great introduction to HNW.
  6. Quantum Strangeness
    by Secretum Omega
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    DR0000_0458 DR0000_0458
    Two tracks (total playing time 70 minutes, 55 seconds) that go from harsh to harsher, to harshest.

    Quite excellent use of powerful dynamic noise drone to create a tumultuous environment.

    Truly, a fantastic Quantum of non-Solace.
  7. Dead & Buried
    by Ultimo Mondo Cannibale
    Dead & Buried Dead & Buried
    Jason Campbell's Ultimo Mondo Cannibale project is a cutting-edge (excuse the pun) homage to those creepy, crawly, and luridly titillating Seventies and Eighties horror / Sci Fi movies.

    "Dead & Buried" kicks off with some blood-curdling samples from the movie and then drops into a bottomless pit of bombastic bass noise and sound effects that are grave deep and relentless.

    Powerful from beginnning to end.
  8. Inseminoid
    by Ultimo Mondo Cannibale
    Inseminoid Inseminoid
    "Connect the blue and yellow leads ... connect the leads, listen to me ... damn you!" So begins "Inseminoid," with samples from the 1981 British - Hong Kong science-fiction exploitation horror film.

    What follows is a massive wall of linear, non-ending static distortion. This is a perferct example of a harsh noise wall without any ups or downs, or any variations in sound whatsoever. It just IS ...
  9. Contamination
    by Ultimo Mondo Cannibale
    Contamination Contamination
    The 1980 Italian - West German science fiction / horror film "Contamination" gets a bloody excellent tribute in this juicy morsel from Ultimo Mondo Cannibale.

    At only 37 minutes, 39 seconds this is a stunning track full of gurgling, slurping, growling monster sounds mixed in with other samples from the movie.

    The noise element is among the best I've heard in a HNW recording. Certainly one of Jason Campbell's most infectious projects to date ... truly contagious (and a whole lot of fun)!
  10. If You Knew What We Are Doing, You Would Never Sleep Again
    by SSTGFLS J222557+601148
    If You Knew What We Are Doing, You Would Never Sleep Again If You Knew What We Are Doing, You Would Never Sleep Again
    The "SSTGFLS J222557+601148" and "UDFj-39546284" projects find Jason Campbell in total Sci Fi / Outer Space / Science Tech mode. I always look forward to these releases since they are firmly rooted in Space and Sci-Tech themes.

    "If You Knew What We Are Doing ..." has a menacing sub-sonic rumble throughout that brings to mind an alien invasion and destruction ... truly the ultimate cosmic Apocalypse.

    The cover art and title go perfectly with this 44 minute wall of sonic Sci Fi annihilation.
  11. Neptunian Moons
    by SSTGFLS J222557+601148
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    Naiad Naiad
    On this release from 2016, SSTGFLS J222557+601148 delivers 14 splendid tracks (over 9 hours) of HNW named after the 14 moons of Neptune.

    Even though the tracks are unified by theme, each has a unique sound, from the bubbly crunch of "Proteus"; to the trebly static of "Sao"; to the low, bass-heavy mega crackle of "Galatea."

    For Space buffs, the information on the moons of Neptune provided on the side bar is a bonus.

    HNW at its Outer Space best!