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  1. Yig
    by Cryo Chamber Collaboration
    Deep, entrancing and other-worldly ... the perfect tribute to H. P. Lovecraft. Fantastic music and graphics, congratulations to all involved in this spectacular project.
  2. Spirits of Rhea
    by Phelios
    With SPIRITS OF RHEA, Phelios redefines and expands the sound of Dark Space Ambient music and takes it to another level of mystery and unimaginable darkness.

    The sound is so powerful and intense that it envelops the listener in a nightmarish dimension of cosmic proportions. Compelling, disturbing, frightening ... and absolutely brilliant!
  3. Earth Orbit
    by The ambient drones of Bill Baxter
    EARTH ORBIT is an enchanting odyssey through the cosmos, a peaceful and mind-expanding journey that you will want to experience over and over again.

    With this release Brin Coleman has added yet another wonderful album to his stellar discography. A must have for your Ambient Space collection ...
  4. Interplanetary
    by Ruptured World
    Ruptured World returns with this third album of deep space exploration and dark scientific inquiry. With his albums Alistair Rennie has proven to be a master of vocal manipulation, creating strange, chilling messages that are both bizarre and exhilarating.

    With its contemplative melodies and perplexing vocal transmissions, INTERPLANETARY pushes Dark Space Ambient music to metaphysical levels. Recommended!
  5. Archeoplanetary
    by Ruptured World
    Ruptured World returns with a fantastic follow-up to last year's eerie EXOPLANETARY album. With ARCHEOPLANETARY, the music and storyline have become more complex and bewildering.

    Dr. Archibald Macrae's spoken words are marvelously mangled, distorted and undecipherable, which adds a wonderful sense of the macabre to the album's narrative. Congratulations to Cryo Chamber and Ruptured World for pushing the boundaries of Dark Ambient music. Superb!
  6. Radiotrilogy
    by tim32
    Tim32's original RADIOTRILOGY mini albums from 2017 have now been excellently remastered and combined into one unified masterpiece of science, technology, space travel and human communication. These important concepts are wonderfully examined through compelling music and expertly chosen field recordings. An exclusive new track is also included.

    An additional bonus of this new 2020 RADIOTRILOGY is the very impressive looking CD. An outstanding project from Tim32 .. a must have!
  7. [5[T]Н[I]3[M]2]
    by tim32
    [5[T]Н[I]3[M]2] (video cut) [5[T]Н[I]3[M]2] (video cut)
    Tim32 and photographer Dmitro Kit collaborated on this audio-visual project dedicated to the military facility that is located in the formerly closed city of Chernoyl-2. The music is grand with an Industrial Ambient edge, and has radio transmissions brilliantly mixed into the heavy drone wall of sound. Outstanding work!

    A 10 minute video is available on YouTube at: __or__
  8. Radiotrilogy 3
    by tim32
    2000. Y2K 2000. Y2K
    Radiotrilogy 3 concludes the project with three intriguing tracks that explore how human thoughts and communication travel through radio signals and other technology.

    Tim32's RADIOTRILOGY project presents us with a high tech and intelligent perspective in a meditative, thought-provoking musical framework. Highly recommended.
  9. Radiotrilogy 2
    by tim32
    1986. МИР 1986. МИР
    Radiotrilogy 2 delves deeper into the science and fascination of radio signals with 3 tracks that contain transmissions that date back from 1945 to 1986.

    The music and overall atmosphere are darker on this release, with obscure field recordings (radio transmission samples) that add a uniquely mysterious edge to the music. Quite excellent!
  10. Radiotrilogy
    by tim32
    1962. DEFCON 2 1962. DEFCON 2
    tim32's RADIOTRILOGY is a fascinating ambient music project consisting of 3 albums that explore science, technology and space travel through radio transmissions and other communication devices.

    How humans interact with / and are affected by radio transmissions is a central theme in the 3 albums. Part 1 presents radio signals with a historical perspective and is a compelling introduction to the full Radiotrilogy project.
  11. Valera Hip - Mountain of fugitives
    Once in a while an album comes along that is so unique and enchanting that it leaves you completely mesmerized. Such is the case with "Mountain of Fugitives," a true gem in the Infinite Fog Productions discography.

    Valera Hip's rural ambience comes to life with magical musical arrangements, authentic field recordings, and haunting vocal deliveries. The spoken passages throughout the album will touch your soul in the most beautiful and intimate ways. A real treat, highly recommended!
  12. Six Hours from Now
    by The ambient drones of Bill Baxter
    Six hours from now you will be six hours older, hopefully six hours wiser also. With this release the ambient drones of Bill Baxter / Brin Coleman delivers a sublime project of deep bass tones and frequencies perfect for profound introspection.

    Six hours from now you will be glad you added this release to your music collection. Highly recommended.
  13. A Beginner's Guide to Drifting Through Space
    by The ambient drones of Bill Baxter
    Your journey through Outer Space begins as soon as you break free of Earth's gravitational pull. You travel through our Solar System, bid goodbye to Pluto and the Milky Way, and head towards the Andromeda Galaxy.

    Our destination is MACS J1149 Lensed Star 1, also known as Icarus,the most distant individual star detected, at approximately 14 billion light-years from Earth. The Ambient Drones of Bill Baxter will take you there.
  14. Disorienteering
    by The ambient drones of Bill Baxter
    Played at low to medium volume, DISORIENTEERING provides the ideal musical ambience for modern residential settings, for museums or art galleries, for airports and tunnels; and for all scientific structures such as overt / covert military installations and laboratories.

    With this release Bill Baxter delivers a wonderfully hi-tech ambient droning experience that keeps you on the edge of music technology. Superb!
  15. Shub-Niggurath
    by Cryo Chamber Collaboration
  16. Yog-Sothoth
    by Cryo Chamber Collaboration
    Congratulations to everyone at Cryo Chamber for bringing quality dark ambient music for the world to enjoy. You have never lost sight of the feeling and meaning of dark ambient / drone and experimental music ... in fact your releases only get better with the passage of time.

    "Yog-Sothoth" is state of the art dark ambient music ... it is creative, it is intuitive with a modern aesthetic, and it is absolutely essential. Bravo!
  17. Low Winter Sun (Deluxe Edition)
    by The Rosenshoul
    I agree wholeheartedly with the previous reviews. "Low Winter Sun (Deluxe Edition)" is an amazingly creative and powerful album that unfolds differently each time you hear it.

    The Rosenshoul's use of field recordings, unusual sound textures and deep cavernous bass drones make for a unique listening experience time and time again. A superb dark ambient album, highly recommended!
  18. Hidden Field
    by The Rosenshoul
    Winter's Kill Winter's Kill
    Deep, dark and mysterious dronescapes with industrial textures and nuances - - absolute perfection.

    ***** 5 STARS ***** highest rating for this outstanding release!

  19. Yokai
    by The Rosenshoul
    Duncan Ritchie (The Rosenshoul) takes the listener on a harrowing journey into another dimension where the sights and sounds are ghostly and shadowy.

    "Yokai" is wonderfully atmospheric with its foreboding disquietude of deep bass drones and wisps of supernatural intonations. Listen if you dare, and take a leap into the Unknown. Quite excellent dark ambience!
  20. Aftermath
    by Alphaxone & Xerxes the Dark
    Alphaxone and Xerxes the Dark have combined their impressive musical talents and cosmic insights to bring us "Aftermath," one of the the best Dark Space Ambient albums of the year.

    Listening to this album brings to mind such worthy space exploration films as ALIEN, PROMETHEUS, EUROPA REPORT, THE MARTIAN, and INTERSTELLAR.

    Dark and unearthly, "Aftermath" goes beyond Science Fiction to Science Fact ... this is a truly awesome release!