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  1. A Beginner's Guide to Drifting Through Space
    by The ambient drones of Bill Baxter
    Your journey through Outer Space begins as soon as you break free of Earth's gravitational pull. You travel through our Solar System, bid goodbye to Pluto and the Milky Way, and head towards the Andromeda Galaxy.

    Our destination is MACS J1149 Lensed Star 1, also known as Icarus,the most distant individual star detected, at approximately 14 billion light-years from Earth. The Ambient Drones of Bill Baxter will take you there.
  2. Disorienteering
    by The ambient drones of Bill Baxter
    Played at low to medium volume, DISORIENTEERING provides the ideal musical ambience for modern residential settings, for museums or art galleries, for airports and tunnels; and for all scientific structures such as overt / covert military installations and laboratories.

    With this release Bill Baxter delivers a wonderfully hi-tech ambient droning experience that keeps you on the edge of music technology. Superb!
  3. Archeoplanetary
    by Ruptured World
    Ruptured World returns with a fantastic follow-up to last year's eerie EXOPLANETARY album. With ARCHEOPLANETARY, the music and storyline have become more complex and bewildering.

    Dr. Archibald Macrae's spoken words are marvelously mangled, distorted and undecipherable, which adds a wonderful sense of the macabre to the album's narrative. Congratulations to Cryo Chamber and Ruptured World for pushing the boundaries of Dark Ambient music. Superb!
  4. Valera Hip - Mountain of fugitives
    Once in a while an album comes along that is so unique and enchanting that it leaves you completely mesmerized. Such is the case with "Mountain of Fugitives," a true gem in the Infinite Fog Productions discography.

    Valera Hip's rural ambience comes to life with magical musical arrangements, authentic field recordings, and haunting vocal deliveries. The spoken passages throughout the album will touch your soul in the most beautiful and intimate ways. A real treat, highly recommended!
  5. [5[T]Н[I]3[M]2]
    by tim32
    [5[T]Н[I]3[M]2] (video cut) [5[T]Н[I]3[M]2] (video cut)
    Tim32 and photographer Dmitro Kit collaborated on this audio-visual project dedicated to the military facility that is located in the formerly closed city of Chernoyl-2. The music is grand with an Industrial Ambient edge, and has radio transmissions brilliantly mixed into the heavy drone wall of sound. Outstanding work!

    A 10 minute video is available on YouTube at: __or__
  6. Radiotrilogy 3
    by tim32
    2000. Y2K 2000. Y2K
    Radiotrilogy 3 concludes the project with three intriguing tracks that explore how human thoughts and communication travel through radio signals and other technology.

    Tim32's RADIOTRILOGY project presents us with a high tech and intelligent perspective in a meditative, thought-provoking musical framework. Highly recommended.
  7. Radiotrilogy 2
    by tim32
    1986. МИР 1986. МИР
    Radiotrilogy 2 delves deeper into the science and fascination of radio signals with 3 tracks that contain transmissions that date back from 1945 to 1986.

    The music and overall atmosphere are darker on this release, with obscure field recordings (radio transmission samples) that add a uniquely mysterious edge to the music. Quite excellent!
  8. Radiotrilogy
    by tim32
    1962. DEFCON 2 1962. DEFCON 2
    tim32's RADIOTRILOGY is a fascinating ambient music project consisting of 3 albums that explore science, technology and space travel through radio transmissions and other communication devices.

    How humans interact with / and are affected by radio transmissions is a central theme in the 3 albums. Part 1 presents radio signals with a historical perspective and is a compelling introduction to the full Radiotrilogy project.
  9. ̴͕͙̇ͪ̕͝B̵̢̭̗̲̦̦̺ͯͨ̓͛̐͗ͨ͋r̲̦͖̪̩̺̠̾͊ͦͥ̇͊̑́͟͜ͅự̚͠͞l̮ͪͨ̇́̿͌͗̉͠a͈̺͓͎̻ͣ̓ͦ̍ṉ̶̨̧̺̾̾̐̎t͓̰ͤ̓ ́͝͞͏̙̰̗☉ͪ̕͏̜̜̩̗͖̞̯ ̵̹͍̾̀ͅS̙̻͑̆ͥo̧͎͖̬͙͙̟̰̠̓̊̑̓ͨͯ́ḷ̨̱̭̤͍̃ͥ̂ͪ͌̓̐̓ͪe͓͖̖̔̍ͣ͌̅i̮̙̗͙͕͇͕̩̍͜͝l͚̱̮̻̝̹̩͉̼ͬ̍͐ͫ ̘̤͎̘ͨ̐ͮ̎̚ͅ
    by S͟͡a̛҉͞t̷u̡̢͝͡r̶̵̢͢n̕E̴͜͢͟
    * B̵̢̭̗̲̦̦̺ͯͨ̓͛̐͗ͨ͋r̲̦͖̪̩̺̠̾͊ͦͥ̇͊̑́͟͜ͅự̚͠͞l̮ͪͨ̇́̿͌͗̉͠a͈̺͓͎̻ͣ̓ͦ̍ṉ̶̨̧̺̾̾̐̎t͓̰ͤ̓ ́͝͞͏̙̰̗☉ͪ̕͏̜̜̩̗͖̞̯ ̵̹͍̾̀ͅS̙̻͑̆ͥo̧͎͖̬͙͙̟̰̠̓̊̑̓ͨͯ́ḷ̨̱̭̤͍̃ͥ̂ͪ͌̓̐̓ͪe͓͖̖̔̍ͣ͌̅i̮̙̗͙͕͇͕̩̍͜͝l͚̱̮̻̝̹̩͉̼ͬ̍͐ͫ ̘̤͎̘ͨ̐ͮ̎̚ͅ, * continues the journey through the darkness that is the vastness of the Universe. Will we ever see the light? You make your own journey and your own outcome.

    Once again * S͟͡a̛҉͞t̷u̡̢͝͡r̶̵̢͢n̕E̴͜͢͟ * delivers a worthy dark space ambient release with awesome graphics, fonts and mysterious iconography.
  10. ♄ S͠҉a̶t̷♄̴̴r̶͝͡n͜ús͢ ♄
    by S͟͡a̛҉͞t̷u̡̢͝͡r̶̵̢͢n̕E̴͜͢͟
    L͜͜͏͡u͏̨̕͜n͢͢e͘͢s̢͘͘͟͢ ͏̕͡͝F̴̸̴́͞r̢̡͢͞o̵̵̡͡i̶̢͞d̴̷̷̡̛e͘͢s̵͘͏͘̕ L͜͜͏͡u͏̨̕͜n͢͢e͘͢s̢͘͘͟͢ ͏̕͡͝F̴̸̴́͞r̢̡͢͞o̵̵̡͡i̶̢͞d̴̷̷̡̛e͘͢s̵͘͏͘̕
    With this new release, * S͟͡a̛҉͞t̷u̡̢͝͡r̶̵̢͢n̕E̴͜͢͟ * takes us on a very dark and perilous journey that is fraught with danger, and there is no guarantee that you will return home alive.

    The music is dark and menacing, meant for a single space traveler on his or her voyage into the cosmic unknown.

    The vocal transmissions (tracks #3 & #9) are haunting and brilliantly executed. A highly recommended Dark (very dark!) Space Ambient release. Listen if you dare ….
  11. A̶be͝ļl ͡274̧4͢ Inf͠i͠n͟i̧ty̶
    by S͟͡a̛҉͞t̷u̡̢͝͡r̶̵̢͢n̕E̴͜͢͟
    "A̶be͝ļl ͡274̧4͢ Inf͠i͠n͟i̧ty̶ " explores the cosmos through a magnificently dark and ominous lens.

    The 9 tracks (12 if you download the album) capture the mystery and grandeur of the universe through immense and foreboding sub-bass dronescapes that will leave you breathless.

    Also impressive (and very cool!) are the * S͟͡a̛҉͞t̷u̡̢͝͡r̶̵̢͢n̕E̴͜͢͟ * fonts, graphics and overall iconography … a must have project for lovers of Dark Space Ambient music.
  12. Shub-Niggurath
    by Cryo Chamber Collaboration
  13. Yog-Sothoth
    by Cryo Chamber Collaboration
    Congratulations to everyone at Cryo Chamber for bringing quality dark ambient music for the world to enjoy. You have never lost sight of the feeling and meaning of dark ambient / drone and experimental music ... in fact your releases only get better with the passage of time.

    "Yog-Sothoth" is state of the art dark ambient music ... it is creative, it is intuitive with a modern aesthetic, and it is absolutely essential. Bravo!
  14. Low Winter Sun (Deluxe Edition)
    by The Rosenshoul
    I agree wholeheartedly with the previous reviews. "Low Winter Sun (Deluxe Edition)" is an amazingly creative and powerful album that unfolds differently each time you hear it.

    The Rosenshoul's use of field recordings, unusual sound textures and deep cavernous bass drones make for a unique listening experience time and time again. A superb dark ambient album, highly recommended!
  15. Hidden Field
    by The Rosenshoul
    Winter's Kill Winter's Kill
    Deep, dark and mysterious dronescapes with industrial textures and nuances - - absolute perfection.

    ***** 5 STARS ***** highest rating for this outstanding release!

  16. Yokai
    by The Rosenshoul
    Duncan Ritchie (The Rosenshoul) takes the listener on a harrowing journey into another dimension where the sights and sounds are ghostly and shadowy.

    "Yokai" is wonderfully atmospheric with its foreboding disquietude of deep bass drones and wisps of supernatural intonations. Listen if you dare, and take a leap into the Unknown. Quite excellent dark ambience!
  17. Aftermath
    by Alphaxone & Xerxes the Dark
    Alphaxone and Xerxes the Dark have combined their impressive musical talents and cosmic insights to bring us "Aftermath," one of the the best Dark Space Ambient albums of the year.

    Listening to this album brings to mind such worthy space exploration films as ALIEN, PROMETHEUS, EUROPA REPORT, THE MARTIAN, and INTERSTELLAR.

    Dark and unearthly, "Aftermath" goes beyond Science Fiction to Science Fact ... this is a truly awesome release!
  18. Adrift on the Sea of Dreams
    by The ambient drones of Bill Baxter
    Just in time for the Fall season, Bill Baxter delivers a cool and dreamy album full of muted autumnal tones and color variations. The nine tracks (totalling almost 6 hours) resonate with shades of golden yellow, orange, dark green, and plum.

    "Adrift …" provides the perfect ambience for sailing downstream on the Mersey, the Hudson, or the Nile River. The album artwork captures the feel of the music to perfection. Recommended.
  19. The Moon and the Stars
    by Ghost Harmonics
    Ghost Harmonics delivers an impressive sonic dronescape with rich Sci Fi overtones.

    Listening to this composition brings to mind interstellar travel, astronauts in deep space hibernation and cryogenic sleep.

    Equipped with the latest in nano-technology and covert electronics, the Spaceship B. Coleman XL1 will transport you to the farthest reaches of Outer Space. Enjoy!
  20. Steps.
    by Melanohelios
    "Steps." is a brilliant album containing the actual astronauts' transmissions from NASA's Space Shuttle Discovery STS-51-A mission which was launched into outer space on November 8, 1984.

    Set to Melanohelios' outstanding original music, the astronauts' transmissions are dramatic and breathtaking, showing the amazement and wonder of space exploration.

    Highest rating for this stunning release!
  21. Void Acoustics
    by Melanohelios
    Melanohelios' discography is dark, edgy and experimental. Track #2 sets the stage for cosmic inquiry ... do we really know what's out there?

    Minimal, hypnotic droning space machinery thrusts the album to its uncertain conclusion.
  22. Void Acoustics II
    by Melanohelios
    In "Void Acoustics II," the listener is drawn deeper into the galactic unknown via 5 beautifully crafted dark space soundscapes ... or "space_scapes"?

    Mysterious and atmospheric, the music puts you in deepest Space. Gravity and your mind become one.
  23. III
    by Melanohelios
    The Singularity is defined as: A hypothetical moment in time when artificial intelligence and other technologies have become so advanced that humanity undergoes a dramatic and irreversible change.

    Lucid > Acceptance > Embrace > Projection > Surrender > Disembodiment > III ...

    Strange. Powerful. Recommended.
  24. Shattered Waveforms
    by Melanohelios
    The Great Withdrawal (Heaven's Gate) The Great Withdrawal (Heaven's Gate)
    At almost 2 hours in length, "Shattered Waveforms" offers further explorations of the cosmic expanse.

    Different musical styles and sound effects are used, creating a wide landscape of dark space ideas and textures. "The Great Withdrawal (Heaven's Gate)" is particularly entrancing with its spoken samples mixed with deep, droning bass modulations.
  25. An Unknown Compelling Force
    by Melanohelios
    I. An Unknown Compelling Force I. An Unknown Compelling Force
    "An Unknown Compelling Force" is one of the darkest, most chilling albums I've heard in a long time. It revolves around the mysterious unsolved (perhaps supernatural or extraterrestrial) deaths of nine ski hikers in the Russian Ural Mountains in 1959.

    The details of the deaths are bizarre and Melanohelios captures the strangeness and horror of this event with music that will send shivers down your spine. An essential addition to your Dark Ambient collection.
  26. Polar Sleep
    by Cryogenic Weekend
    Dronny Darko's and Vitaly Lebukhorski's "Polar Sleep" is a powerful and mesmerizing album of intense Polar Dark Ambience.

    I would include this album with other Polar Dark Ambient projects such as Thomas Köner's classic "Teimo / Nunatak / Permafrost," Ugasanie's stunning "Ice Breath Antarctica," and Melanohelios' eeire "An Unknown Compelling Force."

    Cryogenic Weekend delivers a bone-chilling and menacingly other-worldly listening experience … welcome to Polar Sleep.
  27. Ice Breath of Antarctica
    by Ugasanie
    Ugasanie delivers a breathtaking opus on the raw beauty and daunting weather / landscape of our coldest continent ... Antarctica.

    Through meticulously chosen field recordings and layers of dark and foreboding dronescapes, Ugasanie captures the impenetrable whiteout conditions, ice-covered mountains and sub-glacial lakes of this most formidable territory.

    Along with Simon Heath's excellent mastering, this is one of Ugasanie's most impressive projects ... a must have!
  28. Ór Ymis Holdi
    by Gaetir The Mountainkeeper
    Baldrs Draumar Baldrs Draumar
    Ór Ymis Holdi is an astoundingly powerful musical experience that transfixes the listener with its magnificent Norse lore and mythology.

    All the lyrics and spoken passages are in the Old Norse language, which give the music a cryptic and mysterious feel. The ceremonial percussion is prominent throughout, and gives the music an intensely dark, ritualistic and mesmerizing quality.

    Epic in scope and impact, this album is absolutely awesome.
  29. Norðr
    by Gaetir The Mountainkeeper
    "Norðr" is a fascinating and powerful continuation of Gaetir the Mountainkeeper's previous album, "Ór Ymis Holdi."

    Once again the listener is transported deep into Nordic ritual and mythology, with cavernous dronescapes brimming with shadows and mystery.

    Having the 6 parts (movements) of the album mixed into one continuous track was a brilliant idea, making for a wonderful listening experience. Highly recommended ... highest rating!
  30. Particle Void
    by Sphäre Sechs
    Whether recording individually or in their Sphäre Sechs project, Martin Stürtzer (Phelios) and Christian Stritzel have amassed a stunning discography of outstanding, innovative Dark Space Ambient music.

    "Particle Void" is a phenomenal addition to the Sphäre Sechs legacy. Deep and cosmic, with subtle hints of space technology, this is intergalactic music of the highest order.
  31. Event Horizons
    by S.V.Sh.
    S.V.Sh. takes us on a dark and mysterious expedition into the deepest realms of Outer Space.

    Layers of celestial drones and disembodied vocal transmissions from another dimension guide us to the boundary in spacetime known as the Event Horizon ... "the point of no return," the point at which the gravitational pull becomes so great as to make escape impossible.

    Dark Space Ambience at its best.
  32. Goodnight World
    by The ambient drones of Bill Baxter
    With its somewhat ambiguous title, "Goodnight World" is an ambitious and daunting musical project.

    The entire composition unfolds during a 24 hour time period, yet taken in "small doses" (36 capsules to be exact), it is a fantastic and wonderfully engineered drone experience for psychic immersion and taking a journey into the Beyond.
  33. On Blue Horizon
    by The ambient drones of Bill Baxter
    At over 6 hours in length, "On Blue Horizon" is a rewarding, relaxing journey far away from the mundane world below.

    The meticulously engineered music lifts you high into the Troposphere where you will encounter friendly Cirrus & Cumulus clouds, perhaps a hot air balloon or a low-flying jet. Mind at peace, auto pilot is set to "On."

    The ambient drones of Bill Baxter are your ticket to ride ...
  34. Across the High Plains
    by Ghost Harmonics
    "Across the High Plains" resonates with a hypnotic hold over mind and matter. Brin Coleman provides the perfect introspective soundtrack for communing with self and nature. Be one with the music and reach the higher plains . . .
  35. Songs of The Desert
    by The ambient drones of Bill Baxter
    At over 24 hours in length, "Songs of the Desert" is more than an album, it's a musical experience to enjoy the whole day long.

    The never-ending, constantly evolving drone oscillations become a part of you just as air, light, darkness and other elements become a part of your overall ambience.

    Bill Baxter provides an engaging and immersive 24 hours of pure atmospheric sound. Listen and become one with the music. Perhaps you are what you hear ...?
  36. Journey to Forever
    by Ghost Harmonics
    "Journey to Forever" is the ideal sonic landscape for meditation or deep concentration. With this release Ghost Harmonics creates the perfect ambience to let your mind drift into the uncharted regions of the Beyond.

    The subtle changes in harmonics and the steady overlapping layers of hypnotic drones create a sort of space-age mantra for mind expansion. Your journey to forever starts ..... now.
  37. Back to Nature
    by Ghost Harmonics
    "Back to Nature" resonates with an immersive, contemplative ambient sound. The natural elements coalesce into an organic, harmonic entity.

    Brin Coleman's impressive photography shows the natural harmony that exists among land, water and sky … a highly recommended release.
  38. Cosmos
    by Icarus
    Icarus takes us on a splendid expedition through the far reaches of the universe and beyond.

    Beautifully engineered with layers of subtle celestial effects and deep, mind-expanding dronescapes, COSMOS is a sublime exploration of the mysteries and secrets of outer space.

    Deep and thought-provoking, COSMOS is a must have for Ambient Space fans ... highly recommended!
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  39. Shadows and Silhouettes
    by The ambient drones of Bill Baxter
    Bill Baxter starts off 2018 with an entrancing exploration of the Dark Side. Decidedly dark ambient in nature, "Shadows and Silhouettes" captivates with its immersive, droning tones and sound modulations.

    With darkness comes light ... the ambient drones of Bill Baxter will take you there in the year ahead.
  40. Sunrise Over The City
    by The ambient drones of Bill Baxter
    At nearly 5 hours in length, "Sunrise Over the City" exudes a radiant, positive glow ... the perfect morning music to start your day.

    Much care and attention went into crafting this ambient soundscape, with just the right tones and sound nuances to put you in a good mood.

    As the Beatles sang in 1966, "Good day, sunshine!"
  41. Fade Into Light
    by Ghost Harmonics
    Ghost Harmonics takes us on a wondrous journey through light and sound. This 2 hour soundscape covers practically the entire spectrum of sound, from layers of deep bass to wafts of soothing mid-range, to lofty pinnacles of celestial notes.

    Immersive, intriguing and quite congenial, "Fade Into Light" is a worthy addition to your ambient drone collection.
  42. Deep Space
    by ODISSEY
    Recording as ODISSEY, Szymkowiak Joseph takes the listener on an interstellar journey through deepest space and beyond.

    ODISSEY beautifully captures Space Ambience (the darkness, the mystery of gravity and weightlessness, the rumble of the spacecraft, the celestial unknown ...) in five walls (total time 4:13:59) of droning cosmic exploration.

    A highly recommended trip to the Event Horizon ... take a deep breath and fasten seatbelt!
  43. Mineral Synthesis
    by Black Matter Phantasm
    Recording under the aliases Black Matter Phantasm, White Matter Phantasm, Odissey (and others), and spread out among several labels, Joseph Szymkowiak has amassed an impressive discography of ambient noise and harsh noise wall compositions.

    With "Mineral Synthesis," the 2 tracks are constantly evolving, changing and morphing within themselves. Most HNW tracks are static and never-changing from start to finish, but Szymkowiak provides walls that permutate endlessly. A splendid release!
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  44. Impermanence in Death
    by Valvan
    At low volume, "Impermanence in Death" is a potent, yet immensely listenable wall of sound suitable for introspection or meditation.

    The theme is Impermanence, one of the essential doctrines and a part of three marks of existence in Buddhism. Death is a major concept in the scheme of things.

    With this release (brilliant artwork!) Valvan delves into a devotional direction, with a wonderful ambient noise wall that is perfect from start to finish.
  45. Valvan IV
    by Valvan
    "Valvan IV" successfully combines the elements of static drone noise with Harsh Noise Wall (HNW) and Ambient Noise Wall (ANW).

    Weather and nature are the central themes, but keep in mind that we are in HNW territory here, where the sounds are rough and robust.

    Highly experimental musically with fantastic and stunning artwork, this is a recommended addition to your HNW collection.
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