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  1. Succumb
  2. Lifeblood
    by Brand of Sacrifice
  3. A Blueprint For Annihilation
  4. The Horrors of Satan
    The Curse of the Witch The Curse of the Witch
    This is one of those albums that I came across on Bandcamp and had never heard before. After some research, I was blown away that I have never heard this gem before. I am very glad I discovered this. even if it is 30 years later
  5. Algleymi
    by Misþyrming
  6. Leviathan
    by Second To Sun
  7. Tropical Sun
    by FULCI
  8. Melinoë
    by Akhlys
  9. Necrotic Overlord (Death Metal)
    by MARASMUS (US)
  10. SENSORY AMUSIA - Bereavement
    by Lacerated Enemy records
  11. The Green Enchanted Forest of the Druid Wizard
    by Ifernach
  12. Sacrificer
    by Sacrificer
  13. In The Wake Ov Sòl
    by Worm Shepherd
  14. ATHANATOS - Biogenesis
    by Lacerated Enemy records
  15. Nucleus
    by Deeds of Flesh
  16. Necrotic Verses (Death Metal)
    by DEATH COURIER (Greece)
  17. Hemoclysm
    by Starvation
  18. Black EP
    by Scour
    This album is repulsively beautiful. Anselmo should just do this for the rest of his career because this is some seriously amazing black metal. It's so heavy it makes other bands seem frail in comparison. It's great to see this genre still going so strong and evolving into such a monstrous sound.
  19. etazhi (2018)
    by Molchat Doma
  20. CRYOGENICAL EXCISION - Micro Surgery
    by Cryogenical Excision