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  1. Jawbreaker On Cello
    by Gordon Withers
  2. The Sound of Yourself
    by Mac McCaughan
  3. Born in Luton Remixes
    by shame
  4. S/T
    by Mikey Erg
  5. ER01 TO ER50 - The Casual Lurkers "Best Of" Volume One
    by Emotional Response All Stars
  6. Mikey Erg on Left of the Dial Live
    by Mikey Erg
  7. 'NINE'
    by SAULT
  8. Smart Bar - Chicago 1985
    by Sonic Youth
  9. Here's to Shutting Up
    by Superchunk
  10. From Dayton Ohio
    by Brainiac
  11. Attic Tapes
    by Brainiac
  12. Brian Jackson JID008
    by Brian Jackson, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Adrian Younge
  13. No More Summer Songs
    by Phantom Handshakes
  14. Loser Friendly
    by Stevenson
  15. Blueberry Jams
    by Chloe Berry
  16. Booga Box
    by Ooga Boogas
  17. Bright
  18. Change
    by Anika
  19. Change
    by Anika
  20. Black Tambourine
    by Black Tambourine