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  1. Skin
  2. the Basement Demos
    by Snailbones
  3. live at highbury garage 01.12.16
    by future of the left
  4. slap bass hunks
    by christian fitness
  5. this taco is not correct
    by christian fitness
  6. The Ghost Ease - Live from the Banana Stand
    by The Ghost Ease
  7. END
    by The Youngins
  8. The Youngins Are Hardcore
    by The Youngins
  9. We Do What We Must
    by Federation X
  10. Hand in the Attic
    by Hand in the Attic
  11. RAW
    by The Ghost Ease
    by Butts
    Alcohol is a song about how I feel about alcohol! Good job!
  13. BUTTS [1st ep]
    by Butts
    Alcohol Alcohol
    You guys are totally rad! I want more butts!! ...wait, did that sound weird?
  14. Life Rips
    by Mommy Long Legs
  15. Assholes EP
    by Mommy Long Legs
    Assholes Assholes
    Assholes is a great song and sums up how I feel about the depressing change Seattle. Went from grunge to football! Techies replacing the punks. You guys are rad!
  16. Super Me
    by wimps
    Super Me Super Me
    You guys are badass motherfuckers! I hate what Seattle is turning into but watching you guys play in a small stuffy little punk venue restores my faith in this place. Keep kicking ass!
  17. Bland in D.C.
    by Puff Pieces
  18. Utter
    by Cleft
    Warning!!! This band will blow your balls inside out!
  19. Whale Bone
    by Cleft
  20. Onan's Boulder/Me, Sugar
    by Cleft
  21. BOSH!
    by Cleft
    To compare this band to primus and black keys is pretty weak. They sound more like Don Cabellero kicking Rage Against the Machine in the balls while Shellac watches with approval.
  22. Quit Yer Job
    by The Ghost Ease
    I play this 45 often. I play all of their albums often. It's not everyday you find a band that amazes you. This band does just that!
    The drummer is insanely solid, as a backbone should be, the bass player adds a lot of depth and competes the band, the guitar is very simple and raw like a razor that cuts to the bone, vocals are very powerful and full of genuine emotion. The mixture of all of this makes a superb and beautiful band. Keep kickin' ass you motherfuckers!
  23. The Ghost Ease
    by The Ghost Ease
  24. The Strain
    by Teeth
  25. the harder it hits
    by christian fitness
  26. a terrible shame
    by christian fitness
  27. love letters in the age of steam
    by christian fitness
  28. i am scared of everything that isn't me
    by christian fitness
    Andrew, this is a superb non-solo one man band album!
  29. Elusive Dreams & Esoteric Nightmares
    by the Surrogate Ghost
    The Surrogate Ghost is truly a very underrated songwriter. This album is packed with a lot of emotionally deep ballads of life, love, and loss. Hope to hear another release!
    by WAR BABY