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  1. TOLE
    by BREAKUP
  2. I Just Think It's Funny How
    by Get Face
  3. WORD
  4. Chorus
    by Holly Herndon
  5. Nice Try Donnie!
    by Amish Boy
  6. Cache 01
    by SVBKVLT
  7. A Philistine Like You
    by South London Analogue Material
  8. 2 Da Core
    by Basic Rhythm
  9. PWRLD003
    by Cassius Select
  10. Slang
    by Cassius Select
  12. TV.OUT LIES-131
    by L.I.E.S. Records
  13. Salt II
    by RIKHTER
  14. Phiom Enhah
    by RIKHTER
  15. Replicant Vestiges
    by Black Replica
  16. Gangstalker (Wardrum Call To Arms Mix)
    by Senate
  17. Slip B
    by Slikback & Hyph11E
  18. Substencia - Revolve
    by Substencia
  19. Scan, Deliver
    by Lyra Valenza
    by coucou chloe
  21. doom
    by coucou chloe
  22. Vanishing Cinema
    by Hyph11e
  23. Second Storey - Spin Cycle EP
    by Nervous Horizon
  24. TSVI - Neutrino
    by Nervous Horizon
  25. Dj Plead - Pleats Plead EP
    by Nervous Horizon
  26. TSVI - Crown (feat. WWWINGS)
    by Nervous Horizon
  27. TSVI - Inner Worlds
    by Nervous Horizon
  28. Blue 01
    by Tessela / Lanark Artefax
  29. Do you plan to end a siege?
    by object blue
  30. MVX / U41A
    by Minimal Violence
  31. Regis - Blood Witness (Original 12" Mix)
    by REGIS
  32. The Centipede
  33. Ravoir
    by Ausschuss
  34. nephi
    by blac kolor
  35. Grunt Of Affirmation
    by Khemia Records
  36. Misery Whip
    by Rhys Fulber
  37. Let The Body's Hit The Floor
    by AERT, Ike Dusk, Chêne
  38. Nasotti's White Charme (Viktor Kalima remix)
    by hyperlacrimae
  39. Jenny's Useless Thoughts (Hypnoskull Don't know What I'm Doing remix)
    by hyperlacrimae
  40. Guadaña
    by Aperitif de la Mort
  41. Muscle's Monkey (Original Mix)
    by d_b (Déformation Booléenne)
  42. My World My Way
    by E-Saggila
  43. Generator Room 3
    by Thomas P. Heckmann
  44. Peryl - Dein Wahres Gesicht feat. Luca Gillian (Original Mix)
    by Peryl, Luca Gillian
  45. Tham - R‘lyeh (Original Mix)
    by Tham