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  1. Secrets
    by TheSunManager
  2. Music for Wood and Strings performed by So Percussion
    by Bryce Dessner
    Section 8 Section 8
    I heard a selection on Radiolab and I was intrigued, given my interest in Dessner's new classical work.
  3. be/ep
    by bp valenzuela
    Geomorph Geomorph
    BP is one of the most interesting electronic musicians to come out of Manila now. Not to mention an auto-didact.
  4. Themesongs
    by Ang Bandang Shirley
    Patintero / Habulan / Larong Kalye Patintero / Habulan / Larong Kalye
    Some of Shirley's fan favorites are on this record, and it's good to revisit the early days of a band that enjoys a relatively small and happy following, one which I know dances to such tunes as "Sa Madaling Salita."
  5. comfort in your strangeness
    by cynthia alexander
    A new version of a favorite that always got me whenever it played on the radio.
  6. Split with The Philter
    by Love in Athens
    Chichen Itza, Shutter Clauses Chichen Itza, Shutter Clauses
  7. Venus Flytrap (Tarsius Remix)
    by Turbo Goth
    A periodic treat whenever Tarsius plays live finally has a recorded form. Enjoy.
  8. Monologue Whispers (2011)
    by japsuki
    Hits & Misses Hits & Misses
  9. Number Line Records Sampler Vol. 3
    by Number Line Records
    PNP4 PNP4
  10. IDEAS EP
    by tide/edit
    Backpack Backpack
  11. Winter Quay/Summer Blankets
    by Bones Like Snowflakes/Glitch
    My Sun, Your Skies My Sun, Your Skies
    Bones Like Snowflakes is a band that anticipated the current post-rock renaissance locally, though they mostly operated out of LA. Their contribution to this split EP is a good introduction.

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  1. TheSunManager EP
    by TheSunManager