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  1. Tvoj je hram u srcu mom
    by Endarken
    Šta vrede oči kada um je slep Šta vrede oči kada um je slep
    What a great random find! This was an instant buy.
  2. Magnus Venator
    by Katavasia
  3. Shadow Burn
    by Dessiderium
  4. Scythe of Our Errors
    by Skaldr
  5. Let Them Die
    by Hark From The Tomb
  6. Towards the Great Dissolution
    by Insanity Cult/Isolert
  7. Isolert
    by Isolert
  8. No Hope, No Light...Only Death
    by Isolert
  9. Isolated Soul
    by Isolert
  10. Everything Dies
    by Human Serpent/Isolert
  11. World In Ruins
    by Isolert
  12. Apostate
    by Sørgelig
  13. Forever Lost
    by Sørgelig
  14. We, The Oblivious
    by Sørgelig
  15. Ruins of Humanity
    by Akantha, Hajduk, Nimbifer, Sørgelig
  16. Devoted to Nothingness
    by Sørgelig
  17. Sørgelig
    by Sørgelig
  18. Purging Sacred Soils
    by Slagmark
  19. Arnaut Pavle
    by Arnaut Pavle
  20. The Negationist
    by Æolian