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  1. Causa
    by Vitalism
  2. Recreation
    by Manchester Collective
  3. WorldWideJuke vol.2
    by V/A
  4. Pijaku EP
    by Maxx Rossi
  5. Truffle Shuffle EP
    by A.P., Zoid, Graham Acidic, Maxx Rossi, 3Phazegenerator, Hard Bart
  6. Turn The Corner EP
    by Syndrome, Maxx Rossi, Black Art, Ganez The Terrible
  7. Stomping Groove EP
    by Jeff Amadeus, Maxx Rossi
  8. Feedback Loops EP
    by Mark Tyler, Rene Reiter, M3LD, Maxx Rossi, Krisbait
  9. No Reply EP
    by Maxx Rossi
  10. Zestoko EP
    by DJ Ogi, Maxx Rossi
  11. Offline EP
    by D.A.V.E. The Drummer, Albert Kraner, Maxx Rossi, Rene Reiter
  12. Fifty Seven EP
    by Concrete DJz, DJ Ogi, DJ Jerry, Maxx Rossi
  13. To The Maxx EP
    by Ignition Technician, Maxx Rossi, Pounding Grooves, Doxxod, M3LD
  14. Polymerica EP
    by DJ ESP, WHT MOTH, Maxx Rossi, Aaron TP
  15. Clash EP
    by Chris Liberator, Sterling Moss, 3Phazegenerator, Maxx Rossi
  16. EtoYad
    by BayatRip
  17. DRIFT (Feat. Casey Sabol & Matt Garstka)
    by JIA
  18. Wachita China Personal DIY Bootlegs & Weapons
    by DJ これからの緊急災害
  19. Firedance EP [MLKL016]
    by JKS
  20. Universe Remix EP [MLKL015]
    by AIROD / Randomer / Myler / Perc