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  1. Vadak
    by Thy Catafalque
  2. Coltsblood / Un Split
    by Coltsblood
  3. Emstrur
    by Kuggur
  4. Les Blessures de l'Âme : XX Ans de Blasphème
    by SETH
    by 𝔊 𝔯 𝔦 𝔣 𝔱
  6. Vadak
    by Thy Catafalque
  7. Doomhawk
    by Greenhorn
  8. AFTONKLANG – Live at Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum
    by 𝔊 𝔯 𝔦 𝔣 𝔱
  9. Erdgeist 2021
    by Thy Catafalque
    Hailz Tamás Kátai 🇭🇺 ‼️
    Superb most excellent blast 💥 from the
    past 💫💫1st -song 'Erdgeist' ever written in 1998.
    Old roots now growing new roots.
    'Erdgeist 2021' is indeed a spectacular in the mind and a stellar ✨performance for the ears.
    Bravo Zulu Tamás ‼️😀
    Respectfully, TWN
  10. Pestvogel EP
    by Mondvolland
  11. La Morsure du Christ
    by Seth
  12. Show Me a Dinosaur
    by Show Me a Dinosaur
  13. Show Me a Dinosaur
    by Show Me a Dinosaur
  14. Sólverv
    by Vreid
  15. World Serpent
    by Fortíð
  16. Wild North West
    by Vreid
  17. Tongue of the Earth
    by Battle Hag
    Prophetic Prophetic
    02-AUG-2018; All HAILZ Battle Hag‼️
    Genre; Heavy Far Out Shit❗️
    This masterpiece creation feels like That Large Tongue racking over your physical body being depressed into the Earth as the Tongue continues to Demolish everything in it's Mighty Path of Destruction ❗️
    Bravo Zulu guys😊
    High Respect to Daniel and his mates.

  18. Celestial Tyrant
    by Battle Hag
  19. I
    by Fuath
  20. II
    by Fuath