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  1. Tekeli-li
    by The Great Old Ones
    The Elder Things The Elder Things
    The entire album is majestic. It's like a sound mass that takes our ears by storm. Antarctica is a pretty heavy track with a cold atmosphere and heavy riffs & drums. For some reason I don't have any idea, The Elder Things brings to my mind the figure of ancient dragons flying over a place like Tibet. Listen to this before the world ends!
  2. Servants of the Countercosmos
    by Wode
    Chaos Spell Chaos Spell
    As expected, Wode brings chaos again. Stunning guitar riffs, exceptional drumming and ear-ripping vocals build an atmosphere who transcend music through the entire album. In the end, Undoing presents us with acoustic guitars and a sad but diabolic melody.
  3. Watershed between Earth and Firmament
    by The Clearing Path
    Holy Waters Holy Waters
    I really can't find words to describe this album. They don't fit here. They don't exist yet. Watershed Between Earth and Firmament evokes dark feelings hidden in your soul. You find comfort in solitude and listening to this at the same time. Masterpiece!
  4. As We Were When We Were Not
    by Mountains Crave
    Clear Light Of The Void Clear Light Of The Void
    These guys know how to make music. The atmosphere, every melody and every riff here are unique. Majestic transcendental post-black metal. Listen to this masterpiece and discover for yourself.