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  1. The Waters Of Death
    by LETHEAN
  2. From Forgotten Pagan Realms
    by Eldensky
  3. Asunder
    by Maglor
  4. Celephais
    by Cryogenic
  5. Tussen Hun En De Zon
    by Tarnkappe
  6. Winterwaker
    by Tarnkappe
  7. The Early Recordings
    by Wolcensmen
  8. Songs from the Fyrgen
    by Wolcensmen
  9. Songs from the Mere
    by Wolcensmen
  10. Эпоха Водолея [Epoch of Aquarius]
    by Munruthel
  11. Gabreta Hyle (2007)
    by Festung Nebelburg
  12. Raise your Swords
    by Feskarn
  13. Buccaneer
    by Eldaskal
    Aegir Aegir
    For whatever reason I knew this album was going to be amazing before listening. Very expertly crafted songwriting, truly passionate, and unique. Excellent and geniunely interesting riffs and tasteful keyboard use with zero filler. Fuck the tards on metal fartchives, they never know shit. This is essential for any fan of raw melodic black metal
  14. Unter Dem Banner Der Nordwinde
    by Drautran
  15. To Glory Unknown
    by Fable
  16. The Snows Over Harridan
    by Fable
  17. Banner of the Sun
    by Fable
  18. The Red Road West
    by Fable
  19. Beowulf
    by Grendel
  20. A Pact With The Winds
    by Grendel