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  1. Sunshine For The Mountain God
    by Mike Gale
  2. Everything and Nothing
    by Hammock
  3. Shame
    by Petal
  4. Thom's Night Out
    by Clogs
  5. Over and Even
    by Joan Shelley
  6. Bam Boom #musicforafilm
    by Marc Canham & Candy Says
    subscriber exclusive
  7. The Traitor Shore
    by Reichenbach Falls
  8. Carrie & Lowell
    by Sufjan Stevens
  9. Not Kings
    by Candy Says
  10. Not Kings
    by Candy Says
  11. Girl Jokes about Boy Parts
    by Tamara and the Martyrs
  12. Live at St Barnabas
    by Candy Says
    Melt Into The Sun Melt Into The Sun
    We're friends with Candy Says, but that doesn't make it any less true when we boldly say: 'They're very excellent.'

    Also, this was the first time we saw them live full-band, and, lo, it was great.
  13. Reports of Snow
    by Reichenbach Falls
  14. Chansons (compilation)
    by Candy Says
  15. Kiss Kill
    by Candy Says
  16. Some dogs think their name is no
    by Black Casino and the Ghost
    I like you 'cause you're free I like you 'cause you're free
    It's ace. To mix animal metaphors, it's a big dog of a blues record that's taken some beautiful & delicate ballads under its protective, shaggy wing.
  17. Get Him Out (Single)
    by Tamara and the Martyrs
  18. "Favourite Flavour"
    by Candy Says
  19. The Murphy Beds
    by Eamon O'Leary and Jefferson Hamer