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  1. Sleazeburger
    by Wet Meadow
  2. Gryflet
    by Gryflet
    Mesmerising, opulent Psychedelia that is both languid and lovely!
  3. The Endless Hours
    by Luciferica
  4. Death Trip
    by Hazy Sea
  5. Hell
    by Legba
  6. Only The Wicked Are Pure
    by Nothing Is Real
  7. Moontower
    by Superchief
  8. Moozoonsii
    by Moozoonsii
    Earthquake Earthquake
    Massive Riffs and Heavy Psych grooves that linger in the mind long after the voyage ends...
  9. The Course Of Empire
    by Atlantean Kodex
  10. Dodsdans
    by Galaverna
  11. Barren Dominion
    by Void King
    Of Whip And Steed Of Whip And Steed
    VOID KING'S Smooth blending of Groovy Stoner riffs and Doomed low-tuned power is thoroughly engaging from beginning to end! 8 tracks of 'can't-go-wrong' right here!
  12. Tavern Tales (Demo)
    by Mold Farmer
    Noonwraith Noonwraith
    Alcohol - fuelled Stoner Sludge that will end in either a brawl or a lock - in...
  13. Swarming Season
    by GEIST
    Sleep Deprived Sleep Deprived
    GEIST, a collective of Anger Management Consultants from NE England, were let loose in a smash room.
    The resulting cacophony was recorded during this session.
    A terrifying, hate-fuelled spleen vent - a feral weaponizing of instrument and throat, relentless and vociferous:....a chilling monolith to Misanthropy.
    The Authorities have been informed...
    full review at
  14. Supreme Victory
    by The Fly Army
    The Black Queen The Black Queen
    Immaculate, epic Stoner landscapes with bags of sandy grooves and panoramic vistas!
  15. Doomed & Stoned in England
    by Doomed & Stoned
    The call was made and England answered. And then some!
  16. When You Arrive...
    by Secrets of Lost Empires
  17. At the Mountains of Loudness
    by Saint Karloff
  18. Residue
    by Ocultum
  19. First Blood
    by Mystery Dudes
  20. Hot
    by Stew
  21. The Comfort of Loss & Dust
    by Cold in Berlin
  22. SHEEV (EP)
    by SHEEV
  23. Mysterium Cosmographicum EP
    by El Templo Lunar
  24. Higher Reeper
    by High Reeper
    Buried Alive Buried Alive
    Pure Old School HM with all the top -shelf hooks and riffs a Metalhead needs! Diamond Head and Witchfynde fans will be in heaven!
  25. devil-shadowless-hand
    by Ether Feather
    A wondrously seamless blend of Stoner, Psych and Prog delivered with ease and grace!
  26. Mystifier Deluxe
    by Loudness War
  27. From The Ghost Grey Depths
    by Old Horn Tooth
    One of this year's Heaviest Hitters - crushing Doom/Sludge that takes no prisoners!
  28. Mortal
    by Morganthus
    Modern Doom with Old School Metal flavours - I'll take that feast to go!
  29. Stereophonic Freak Out Vol.1 LP
    by The Black Furs
    Argentina's unholy ensemble unleash a blackened Psychedelic Metal monster par excellence!
  30. Dead Moon Lizard Kings
    by Dead Moon Lizard Kings
    Inverted Crossjoint Inverted Crossjoint
    Stoned-to-the-bone cosmic sludge from the 'Boro!
  31. I, Prophetic
    by Varego
  32. Black Witches
    by Black Witches
    A Petanque ball to the temples! Ferocious Fuzz and Dastardly Desert Rock!
  33. The Kraken (Fight The Monster)
    by Cactus Galactic
  34. Burn It Clean
    by Von Detta
  35. Chapters
    by Delta Wing
    Drool - inducing Desert Stoner with a touch of class and a liberal helping of superb musicianship!
  36. Fiction(EP)
    by Thems That Wait
  37. Migration
    by Pinewalker
  38. Grease Beast
    by Rickshaw Billie's Burger Patrol
  39. Frost
    by Besvärjelsen
    Epic, Grandiose and captivating, Swedish Psychedelic Doom at it's mighty, majestic best!
  40. Zwei: Die Rache
    by Bad Frankenhausen
    Very entertaining UK Stoner/Sludge with humour and invention.
  41. Self-titled
    by Keystone
    Bish Bash Bosh Bish Bash Bosh
    Refreshingly upbeat Modern Stoner with Proggy tendencies..brain-surfers' music!
  42. No Short Stays
    by The Crawling Eye
  43. Ascendant
    by Albatross Overdrive
  44. Arkhan
    by Yaatra
  45. Giant Dwarf
    by Giant Dwarf
    Black Thumb Black Thumb
    Outback Stoner with a groove like a fuller!