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  1. Off & Off
    by Etienne Machine
    RIFT (Erased Your Face) RIFT (Erased Your Face)
    Betörende Songs, die einen zum Teil nicht mehr los lassen! Des chansons séduisantes qui restent dans ton oreille ! Captivating songs which can't go out of your mind !
    by Ifé Niklaus
  3. Waiting For Landfall
    by Fatima Dunn
    This World Is Not My Home This World Is Not My Home
  4. Lucknow Demos (EP)
    by Lauren Hoffman
    Out Of The Sky, Into The Sea (Lucknow Acoustic) Out Of The Sky, Into The Sea (Lucknow Acoustic)
  5. The Lilas (EP)
    by Lauren Hoffman
    Out of the Sky, Into the Sea (Lilas EP) Out of the Sky, Into the Sea (Lilas EP)
  6. All About Eve
    by PJ Harvey
    The Moth The Moth
  7. Time Flies
    by Pierre Omer & the Nightcruisers
    Who's That Guy Who's That Guy
  8. Big Fish
    by Nick Porsche
    Come A Little Closer Come A Little Closer
  9. at home with Sophia (The Acoustic Sessions Album)
    by Sophia
    Are You Happy Now (Acoustic) Are You Happy Now (Acoustic)
  10. The Fall and Rise of Circus Boy
    by Scarce
    Break Your Heart Break Your Heart
  11. Empty Streets of Florence / Nelle Strade Deserte di Firenze
    by Andy White
  12. Idle Mind
    by Anna Mieke
    Keep It Whole Keep It Whole
  13. Le mie parole
    by Selva Nuda
    In this craze In this craze
  14. Do You Wonder About Me?
    by Diet Cig
    Night Terrors Night Terrors
  15. Scarce Demos 1993
    by Scarce
    It Was Dry (demo) It Was Dry (demo)
  16. Reproduction
    by Knife in the Water
  17. Sounds Of The Century
    by The Company Of Men
    Summer Only Lasts A Day Summer Only Lasts A Day
  18. Noble Scars
    by Scarce
  19. Husavika
    by Laurence Crevoisier
    Milton Milton
  20. To Be Beautiful
    by Madder Rose
    City Lights City Lights