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  1. Spaceflowers
    by The Spacelords
    Cosmic Trip Cosmic Trip
  2. Migration
    by Bossk
  3. Revere
    by Shunyata
    The Pale Blue Dot The Pale Blue Dot
    Score! Another band sampling Carl Sagan! More!!
  4. Water Planet
    by The Spacelords
    Nag Kanya Nag Kanya
  5. Liquid Sun
    by The Spacelords
    Liquid Sun Liquid Sun
  6. Bhumisparsha
    by Dhyana
  7. The Illusion of Design
    by Asteroid Blues
  8. Beautiful, Beautiful Desolation
    by Apollo80
  9. Efterglans
    by Domboshawa
  10. Spacefreak
    by onironaut
  11. Wormhole Generator
    by Prehistoric Pigs
    Tafassaset Tafassaset
  12. I've Forgotten How To Be Alone: Wick Studios Session
    by SUNDR
  13. The Sounds of the Universe
    by Gods & Punks
  14. Unleash The Hoof's Revenge
    by Olson, Van Cleef, Williams
  15. In Search of Ancient Mysteries
    by psychedelic source records
  16. Reign Of The Orion
    by Spaceslug
    Down To The Sun Down To The Sun
  17. Trip to Germany
    by WEEDIAN
    The Spacelords - Liquid Sun The Spacelords - Liquid Sun
  18. Warp Lord
    by Resinator
  19. s A t I v A
    by kosmonaut
    sativa sativa
    Love the Carl Sagan sample
  20. Dopamine Farm
    by Electric Yawn