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  1. Goomy EP
    by Mr Meme
    Rum Hustle Rum Hustle
  2. Radiation
    by Mr Meme
    Bloomin Vibes (Ft. The Entranced) Bloomin Vibes (Ft. The Entranced)
  3. Mirai Sekai EP
    by Varien & 7 Minutes Dead
    Mirai Sekai (Continuous Mix) Mirai Sekai (Continuous Mix)
  4. Rock The Sky
    by Five Alarm Funk
    The Critic The Critic
    It's fun, it's funky, and it's addictive! Mostly instrumental, but without a hint of dull or boring. Great to get you moving or to sit, focus, relax, and enjoy!
    by Five Alarm Funk
    Higgs Boson Higgs Boson
    So much crazy, wild fun in one album; funkin' punkin', rockin', horn madness. It's a melting pot of amazing that won't leave you owing more than you can spend; this album pays back in entertainment dividends.
  6. Darker Days
    by Future Funk Squad
    Darker Days Darker Days
    The title and title track of this album well describe the sound; dark, but also bold, dramatic, addictive, and suggestive that that you have been thrust into post-apocalyptic world of chaos. In this world, it's survival of the fittest, but you never know whether the next song will put you in the position of predator, or prey.
  7. Firedance
    by Kaya Project
    Todora (feat. Irina Mikhailova) Todora (feat. Irina Mikhailova)
    Beautiful, amazing album! It's as soothing as it is invigorating, which is extremely (and all at the same time)! A wonderful, ancient, maybe tribal sound and feel, foot-pounding rhythms, and melodic, and sometimes haunting vocals laced throughout. No weak song to be found, the entire album is excellent!
  8. Dreamatic
    by Fm Attack
    Disco Attack Disco Attack
    If you like the, so-called, sounds of the early 80s, then you need this album! A perfect mix of past and present creating one helluva great sound!
  9. Deja Vu
    by Fm Attack
    Fade Away (with Julian Sanza) Fade Away (with Julian Sanza)
    Same great core 80s sound as previous albums, yet more robust and perhaps even better perfected in this album. Every song is good; no weak links in this album!
  10. Astrowave E.P.
    by Fm Attack
    Invisible Invisible
    More mellow and laid back sound than their previous album, but by no means inferior. 80s-synth retro instrumentals and vocals; solid album.
  11. Truthful EP
    by NeZoomie
    Unspoken Unspoken
    An excellent album; modern dance with a healthy dose of retro funk. Very addictive, very fun, and very good listening from beginning to end.
  12. The Device EP
    by TWRP
    The Device Pt 1 The Device Pt 1
    It's a funky, punky, skitzy, uber fun-fest that feels like you're immersed in the offspring of classic metal, electro-80s, and modern EDM orgy...and you couldn't be happier!
  13. Meraki
    by opiuo
    Misty Digit Misty Digit
    Hip-hop groove with a heavy dose of funk, start to finish; makes you want to get up and move, and keep you moving. Great positive, upbeat vibe, too.
  14. The Method To The Madness
    by SirensCeol
    Starlight Lullaby Starlight Lullaby
    Very hard to choose a favorite from this album; just overall excellence! It's a full and dynamic conglomerate of orchestral, glitch, swing, and dance with a real sense of positive momentum topped with amazing!
  15. Undead EP
    by Mr Meme
    2013 2013
    Aggressive EDM with in-you-face, driving bass lines and drops. The kind of music you just have to DO (dance, drive, anything but sit still) something to when you hear it.
  16. A Collection of Creatures
    by Johnny Hollow
    Devil's Night Devil's Night
    Dark, intriguing, and beautiful! The sound is full of feeling and sensation and the lyrics will make you think. I'm also a sucker for a well-used cello, and this album is packed with it (and so much more!).