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  1. Hello, My Name Is... A Threnody for the NHS staff who died due to C-19 and Tory incompetence, arrogance, indifference and corruption.
    by Hilliat Fields
    V Never Forget. Never Forgive. V Never Forget. Never Forgive.
  2. Studio Electric
    by Hilliat Fields
    I love how Hilliat's albums create harmonic tension and stay interesting throughout. The layering of sounds is masterful. A+++
  3. Ego Jingles
    by Gabriel Hart
    These songs are complex and beautiful. Some lull you just to shock you with an explosive lyric or unexpected chord change. This one is worthy of many listens.
  4. Allein
    by Here On Mars_
    I love all Here On Mars albums but this one is even more mature and complex than usual. Lots of different synth sounds to round out truly slick guitar work.
  5. Songs for Ancient Days
    by Jay Cravath
  6. Threshold Guardian
    by Herb Benham IV
  7. Sketch of Light
    by Thurston Moore
  8. Dust Whispers
    by Scott Smigiel
  9. Ragtown
    by Herb Benham IV
  10. Algorithms of Bliss
    by Scott Smigiel
  11. Old Town Road
    by Thurston Moore
  13. HollowScene
    by Here On Mars_
    Until The Story's Told Until The Story's Told
    As usual Here On Mars_ combines amazing rock vocals and guitar with driving electronica. Great songs that really build nicely. A must for fans of newer "Savage" era Gary Numan.
  14. Two Electroacoustic Improvisations for Heather Heyer and Ghost Ship
    by C. Reider
  15. Zeit
    by Kieran Mahon
  16. ApocalyptElectroRock
    by Here On Mars_
  17. Sun Kinks
    by C. Reider
  18. Native To The Void
    by Here On Mars_
  19. Fourth of July
  20. Empty Faces in Digital Spaces
    by .mp3Neptune