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  1. RUST
    by Monolord
    Rust Rust
  2. Sideways In Time
    by Gone Cosmic
    Deadlock Deadlock
  4. Mana
    A Single Solemn Rose A Single Solemn Rose
  5. Accursed
    by Vale Of Pnath
    Accursed Accursed
  6. 葉隱 HAGAKURE
    by Bloody Tyrant 暴君
    Pace Into The Void 步入虛空 Pace Into The Void 步入虛空
  7. No Morrow Shall Dawn
    by THY LIGHT
    Wanderer of Solitude Wanderer of Solitude
  8. Demons
    by Bloodshot Dawn
    Smoke and Mirrors Smoke and Mirrors
    This entire album goes at a blistering pace and the solos, omg. THE SOLOS! It feels like a balancing act of melodeath and techdeath the entire album with the bar tilting slightly to either side at specific times but never going overboard.
  9. Light Eater
    by Wounds
    Explosion Of Interstellar Terror Explosion Of Interstellar Terror
  10. Between Light And Darkness (Compilation)
    by Perpetual Night
    Between Light And Darkness Between Light And Darkness
  11. Gomorrah
    by Gomorrah
    For Those of Eld For Those of Eld
    This dark and foreboding feeling you get when you listen to the album is not in your imagination. It is exactly how this album wants you to feel. Brutal in all the right spots, heavy AF everywhere else.
  12. The Endless Endeavour
    by Drawn Into Descent
    Wither Wither
  13. Etemenanki
    by Spiritual Deception
    Evangelism of the New Genesis Evangelism of the New Genesis
  14. Immersion
    by Irreversible Mechanism
    Awakening Awakening
    A very heavy and brutal experience throughout its runtime with many prog/technical elements along the way including time shifts, scales and key melodies.
  15. Prokopton
    by Aephanemer
    The Sovereign The Sovereign
  16. Know Thyself
    by Aephanemer
    Alive Alive
    Crazy solos and melodies on this album. As an instrumental album it’s very flawless and although there are no vocals, the album doesn’t need them! Martin did a great job here.
  17. Memento Mori
    by Aephanemer
    Memento Mori Memento Mori
    I find the vocals from this album leaving something to be desired, although there is nothing wrong with them and they work well enough but the key factor in this is the pure brilliant instrumental work that Martin produces throughout the experience. Like a beautiful sonic songbird blazing through the skyline.
  18. Path of the Wolf
    by Aephanemer
  19. Through the Ocean to the Stars
    by Elderwind
    Night Stars in Ocean Night Stars in Ocean
  20. The Wizard and The Skull
    by Stoneman
    Approaching the Altar Approaching the Altar
    Many elements thrown together in this stoner metal album, some better than others. If you listen to Stampede it may be a bit too overwhelming, in fact. The rest of the album is quite balanced in their combination of styles. Overall its a decent album by a band more than capable of coming up with more doom and gloom to suit their style.
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  21. Of The Mountain-EP
    by Stoneman
    Of The Mountain Of The Mountain
    Very overdriven groovy doomy sweetness. Stoneman totally take that doom formula and rip it apart while being able to moderate the pace with their own instrumental prowess.
  22. Anâtman
    by Perpetual Night
    The Howling The Howling
    After one round of listening I can tell it’s something special. The harmonies they use on this album make for a great blend of MDM and a depressive ambient feel. Great for fans of Insomnium. Quality MDM material! Some of the solos are so ridiculous as they weave in and out of the melodies seamlessly.
  23. Worship the Weird
    by Sacred Monster
    Nightmare at 20,000 Feet Nightmare at 20,000 Feet
    This album is unique and one of the most enlightening audio experiences ever. This band loves their Sabbath influence but their own input on that sound is so special and that makes this band and album special. So heavy and full of memorable tracks that i'll be spinning for months.
  24. Samsara
    by Venom Prison
    Implementing The Metaphysics Of Morals Implementing The Metaphysics Of Morals
    Nonstop carnage from end to end. Death metal masterpiece. Also full of grooves and tempo mixes all over and keeps reeling you in for more. I have been listening back to back for days and I think the ruthless carnage sees no stoppage in sight. And the good thing is that this isn’t just some mind-numbing background noise kind of death metal, there are legitimate intricacies and riffs and melodies intertwined with that ferocious vocal attack of Larissa that changes and morphs to fit the scene. Sublime.
  25. Ageless Fire
    by VANUM
    War War
  26. The Almanac [EP]
    by Kardashev
    Between Sea and Sky Between Sea and Sky
  27. Formshifter
    by Allegaeon
    Tartessos: The Hidden Xenocryst Tartessos: The Hidden Xenocryst
  28. Fragments of Form and Function
    by Allegaeon
    From Seed to Throne From Seed to Throne
    This band just kicks ass and doesnt even bother with taking names. Melodic at right moments and brutal AF at all the rest.
  29. Animate
    by Allegaeon
    Animate Animate
    Allegaeon basically showing off their diverse talents in between technical death metal mastery and video games.
  30. Elements of the Infinite
    by Allegaeon
    1.618 1.618
  31. Muted Neon
    by Shattered Skies
    You Will Know My Name You Will Know My Name
  32. Wicked Worlds
    by Birnam Wood
    Richard Dreyfuss Richard Dreyfuss
    Some serious Sabbath worship going on here.
  33. The Sirens
    by Into Eternity
    Fringes of Psychosis Fringes of Psychosis
  34. Bhelliom
    by Bhelliom
    Face The Enemy Face The Enemy
  35. Restoration
    by Amiensus
    Become the Fear Become the Fear
  36. Gray Haven
    by Nightside Glance
    Ward No. 208 Ward No. 208
    Downright creepy! Nightside Glance definitely have an asylum tale to tell and they have a good BM formula with synths working. Just, maybe, a little too much synth and not enough black metal?
  37. Shadows
    by Valkyrie
    Mountain Stomp Mountain Stomp
    I'm not usually one for Doomy Stoner Rock-ish albums but the way that Valkyrie sound just blow me away. Their chugging riffs and straight out groove remind me so much of early Sabbath with a sprinkle of The Sword and it just works well! Great album!
  38. All Paths Lead to Death
    by Amiensus
    The River The River
  39. Reflections
    by Amiensus
  40. The Sound of Silence
    by Nouela
  41. Present Peregrine
    by Deathmole
    Personal Charm Personal Charm
  42. Guardians
    by Saor
    Tears Of A Nation Tears Of A Nation
  43. The Inward Expansion
    by The Neologist
    Forces of Inertia Forces of Inertia
    I have been listening to this pair of crazy metal masters for years and they never fail to deliver the most gripping, energetic, melodic experience.
  44. II: Poison Garden
    by Sleep of Monsters
    The Art of Passau The Art of Passau
    Groovy Gothic Metal with so many ambient 'ooh's and 'aah's that you just can't resist. They have a pull and unique energy and most of this album is just more of a jolly kind of gloom, if you know what i mean.
  45. III: Trauma
    by Harakiri for the Sky
    This Life As A Dagger This Life As A Dagger
    Although i love this band forever for making Aokigahara, this album, after months, i still feel it does not match up. The timing for the songs is a bit long as i feel that Aokigahara had the song times just nice but this album has most of the songs above 8 minutes which i feel is too long and i don't feel the emotion and vigour that i did with their first two albums. Waiting for the next one!