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  1. ÓRE
    by Falcon's Eye
  2. Heart-Shaped Wound
    by Aurelio Voltaire
  3. Monad
    by Celephaïs
  4. Hunted
    by Khemmis
  5. The Light In My Darkness
    by Erebos
  6. The Old Forest
    by Erebos
  7. The Bitterness Prophecy
    by Veldes
    The Bitterness Prophecy The Bitterness Prophecy
    The volume between the screams and the instrumentation is perfectly balanced. Both come through pronounced without drowning out the other.....the atmosphere that this symbiosis creates is pure excitement.
  8. Imperfect
    by Sadness
  9. Rue Octavio Mey / Fleur des Murailles
    by Les Discrets
  10. The Healer
    by Helsott
  11. Hanter Savet
    by Vindland
  12. A Moribund Destiny
    by VALIANT
  13. Remembrance
    by Deadwood Lake
    I generally don't buy Black Metal albums for the lyrical content , but this album was simply too poetic and heart-wrenching to not have. The instrumentation, the flow, the verses, everything about this album is a beautiful tribute to music, to metal and to a brother.
  14. MIASMA
    by ROSK
    The cover art, the lyrics, the distortion, the vocals, all of it comes together perfectly to form a dark and soul-touching voyage. I tried to put it on as background music during work and found it too captivating to listen to passively. This is an impressive album. Even the silence between notes draws you in.
  15. Nan iChir Gelair Mordor
    by Erebos
  16. Demo 11
    by Sadness
  17. Somewhere Along Our Memory
    by Sadness
  18. Mariposa
    by Sadness
  19. To have ever had
    by Sadness
    I absolutely love Sadness. Every album finds a new way to create an atmosphere and sense of haunting misery and stillness. The name truly fits the style and the feeling it creates.
  20. Obsidian Arc
  21. Ancient Celestial Realms
    by Sôlbjörg
  22. From Light To Darkness
    by Saevitia Monumentum
  23. Le Naufrage
    by Opprobre
  24. Path To Suffocation
    by Nervengeist
  25. Promises
    by Pater Robitavis
  26. Dans La Splendeur Des Dieux (Special Edition)
    by Sviatibor
  27. Black Metal And Ambient - Compilation Vol.2
    by Endless Decrepitude Productions
  28. Rites
    by Mysticisme
  29. Répandre
    by Mysticisme
  30. From The Northmen's Cry (2016 Demos)
    by Ulgard
  31. Black Metal and Ambient - Compilation Vol.1
    by Endless Decrepitude Productions
  32. Tribute To The Goddess Idunn
    by Svafnirkult
  33. Black Metal and Ambient - Compilation Vol.3
    by Endless Decrepitude Productions
  34. Songs For The Wanderer
    by Ulgard
  35. Woven
    by Helsott
  36. Mietteitä
    by Nest
  37. Disquiet
    by Unreqvited
  38. Mirkwood
    by Mirkwood
  39. In Mordor Where The Shadows Are - Homage to Summoning
    by Various Artists
  40. Magic Night
    by Violet Cold
  41. TYPE III (E.P.)
    by Mesarthim
  42. In Memoriam
    by When Nothing Remains
  43. Ariettes Oubliées
    by Les Discrets
  44. Souvenirs D'un Autre Monde
    by Alcest
  45. Écailles De Lune
    by Alcest