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  1. Controversy Between (Front 242 Cover)
    by Leaether Strip
  2. IDDQD (Planetdamage Remix)
    by The Gothsicles
  3. Animal Addendum
    by The Gothsicles
  4. Black is the New Black: The Power & Privilege Industrial Culture Compilation
    by Furnace Records
  5. ARENA
    by Pixel Grip
  6. Pixel Grip: Live At The MCA
    by Pixel Grip
  7. Heavy Handed
    by Pixel Grip
  9. Past Lives
    by Babyland
  10. Decade One
    by Babyland
  11. The Finger
    by Babyland
  12. Choice Of A New Generation
    by Das Bunker
  13. Bunker 54
    by Das Bunker
  14. Brighter Than A Thousand Suns
    by Das Bunker
  15. Fifteen Minutes into the Future
    by Das Bunker
  16. Fear Of A Distored Planet
    by Das Bunker
  17. Rhythm Abuse + The Shallow End Of The Scene Pool
    by Consume
  18. Mentallo & The Fixer: live at Das Bunker
    by Mentallo & The Fixer
  19. Live at Das Bunker
    by Converter
  20. Das Bunker 5 (The Lost Comp)
    by Das Bunker