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  2. Ambient
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  1. Apperception
    by Innesti
  2. The Endless Sadness of the Shoreless Heart
    by Ian Hawgood
  3. Spirits of Rhea
    by Phelios
  4. Parenthetical
    by Innesti
  5. For Victoria
    by Pepo Galán
  6. Hearts full of sorrow, souls full of hope we look to the west
    by e & i
  7. A Pulse of Durations
    by Tapes and Topographies
  8. Fragile
    by Focus On The Breath
  9. Liminal
    by Hiemal
  10. Conference Of Morning Birds At The Happiness Research Center
    by Music For Sleep
  11. AI-20: V 3.0-3.9
    by Waveform Transmission
  12. Spoke of Several
    by Innesti + Jacob Newman
  13. Pillars
    by Hauras Aaren
  14. A Distant Reflection
    by Mick Chillage
  15. We Always Want More Than We Can Have
    by Wings Of An Angel
  16. Long Thoughts
    by Steve Roach
  17. Kani + Remixes
    by Porya Hatami
  18. Reiyā
    by Pepo Galán, Shinji Wakasa & Warmth
  19. Elliptical
    by Chris Russell
  20. Amaranthine
    by Forma Sensory