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  1. Requests from the Vault 96k 24bit
    by Amin Bhatia
    Evolutions, Dawn in the Forest Evolutions, Dawn in the Forest
    Amin downplays the importance of this album, but it's SHOCKINGLY good! To finally hear the Keyboard Soundpage in hi-fi, to finally hear the Roland contest winners, to hear outtakes-really fabulous outtakes!- from "Virtuality"... well the whole thing just blew me away. "The take-up reel of destiny" awaits!
  2. Virtuality
    by Amin Bhatia
    07 Virus Attack 07 Virus Attack
    My old buddy Craig nailed it on this one, "Virtuality" is Amin's second great Magnum Opus (if you don't count his wonderful soundtrack work, which I'm still catching up on).
  3. Moments Lost - Music and Art inspired by Blade Runner - Lost Tracks
    by Analog Sweden Records
  4. Moments Lost - Music and Art inspired by Blade Runner
    by Analog Sweden Records
    Biogenesis Biogenesis
    What I enjoy about the Analog Sweden tracks is that while they're from the same universe as BR1982, they're not slavish reproductions. Analog Sweden has created new music, new human music... from replicant parents.

    Vangelis created a whole new synthesizer music in 1982, a blueprint for how the world of electronic music might have sounded. It's nice to hear some more terrain, some new vistas in that world. Vistas that aren't just rehashes of what we've already heard.
  5. Score
    by John Battema
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  6. The Insomnia Stone
    by John Battema
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  7. Spectral Music
    by Ghost Rhythms
  8. The Starwheel
    by Kammarheit
  9. Kollektionen
    by Kammarheit
  10. Waterphone II
    by Toshiyuki Hiraoka
  11. Waterphone
    by Toshiyuki Hiraoka
  12. The White Lady Loves You More
    by Marisa Anderson
  13. Lost Futures
    by Marisa Anderson/William Tyler
  14. The Roc
    by Daniel Herskedal
  15. LAHAT EP
    by The Stratos Ensemble
  16. Accident At Clear Lake
    by The Stratos Ensemble
  17. A Step in the Dark Stirs the Fire
    by Karris Vasseur Duo
  18. Slate
    by Karris / Lin / Maunu
  19. Art and Science (Live)
    by K. Leimer
  20. Without Thought
    by Paul Schütze