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  1. Blank Banshee 1
    by Blank Banshee
    Eco Zones Eco Zones
  2. Blank Banshee 0
    by Blank Banshee
    Teen Pregnancy Teen Pregnancy
  3. Pierre
    by Pierre
    Aloha Aloha
    The long awaited full length from Pierre comes at exactly the right time. Each and every song has its own feeling to it, but every single song can be tied to the other ones. Existence is an extremely well made opener for the album, and it is one that has been thought of as a bop ever since.
    Limbo (which might even tie back to Purgatory) is, while loud and bombastus, is extremely heartfelt, and very well tamed throughout.
  4. Time Spent
    by Household
    828 828
    Throughout the album, Household brings their own unique sounds to each and every track. Between the vocals shouted throughout the album to the very heavy hitting drum beats, this is one to remember.
  5. Pop Music
    by Remo Drive
    Heartstrings Heartstrings
    Remo Drive proves once again that they have a sound like no other, and make the Minnesota emo scene great!
  6. ballad of the broken
    by If I Could Kill Myself
    only regret only regret
    Almost haunting, the album by If I Could Kill Myself is determined to be heart wrenching and heavy. Instead of taking the cowardly look at suicide, the album takes a different turn on the ideology behind the issue.
  7. Dream / Comfort
    by Pierre
    Dream Dream
    As a very small EP, Dream / Comfort brings Pierre's signature sounds to the stage once again. The songs are very groovy, and definitely something to please crowds for years to come.
  8. Alleys / Pierre Split 7"
    by Pierre
    Birdhouse Birdhouse
  9. Pierre / Molly's Worst Enemy Split 10"
    by Pierre / Molly's Worst Enemy
    Don't Save Me Don't Save Me
    Pierre opens the album with two songs that are almost complete polar opposites. One that is more spontaneous and happy, and one more gut-wrenching and deep in meaning.
    Molly's Worst Enemy closes the split with two songs with catchy lyrics for choruses, and great riffs to remember.
  10. Some stuff Vol 1
    by Loudjestr
    Aphrodite Aphrodite
  11. Sex Offender Shuffle
    by Scott Gairdner
    The state of Florida has asked us to...
  12. Misnomer
    by Weathered
    Unravel Unravel
    Misnomer proves again that Weathered isn't just your everyday band, but a band that can draw feelings from anyone. With great choruses, and great openings to each song, Misnomer is a proven hit.
  13. Greatest Hits
    by Remo Drive
    Yer Killin' Me Yer Killin' Me
    The music speaks truth with their great jams and great lyrics. Very good stuff!