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  1. Apocalypse Now
    by Discharge
  2. Faux Amis vol. 8: Eugene Chadbourne [FA#33]
    by Eugene Chadbourne / Lärmschutz
  3. Duo (Bologna) 2018
    by Anthony Braxton & Jaqueline Kerrod (IDA 039 – 2020)
  4. Duo (Improv) 2017
    by Anthony Braxton Eugene Chadbourne
  5. Trillium J
    by Anthony Braxton
  6. Life Carries Me This Way
    by Myra Melford
  7. The Ambiguity Manifesto
    by Taylor Ho Bynum 9-tette
  8. Secrets Are The Best Stories
    by Kurt Elling ft. Danilo Pérez
    The nightmare fruit of that “low dishonest decade” of the 20th Century is conflated with the Strange Fruit that has ripened lately in the good ol’ Land of the Free (sic) and across the pond here in the UK; that cutting loose of the marginalised, the persecuted and the poor in need of refuge by men and women of no conscience. A full-force refutation of the hateful, prepper-orientated swill (and its conspiracy theory-besotted spawn) that pretends to the title of Christianity these days. Bravo!
  9. HEADS 2-Song Cassingle
    by Hank Wood and the Hammerheads
  10. Tentet (Paris) 2001
    by Anthony Braxton
    This is a great session, Mr Braxton always manages to coax great playing from his ensembles but this one really is something special; great textural variety throughout, fun, chopsy playing and as so often with his GTM pieces, extraordinarily moving episodes. Industrial-grade antidote for those times when it feels like life might lose its richness. Wonderful! :-)
  11. Trillium R
    by Anthony Braxton
  12. Trio (Wesleyan) 2005
    by Anthony Braxton
  13. Quartet (Mannheim) 2010
    by Anthony Braxton
  14. Trio (NYC) 2011
    by Anthony Braxton
  15. Stay Home!!
    by Hank Wood and the Hammerheads
  16. Go Home!
    by Hank Wood and the Hammerheads
  17. S/T
    by Hank Wood and the Hammerheads
  18. A Thousand Stars (feat. Kurt Elling)
    by Stu Mindeman
  19. Strange Journey Volume Three
    by CunninLynguists
  20. Use Me 7"
    by Hank Wood and the Hammerheads
    I haven't heard any rock and roll band get so much sonic information into their grooves since The Fall toured 'Your Future, Our Clutter' or Husker Du released 8 Miles High. Sonic Gorgeousness of the First Water, YES!