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  1. Radio Quiet - Music from The Adventure Zone: Amnesty
    by Griffin McElroy
    Interstellar Blues Interstellar Blues
    At this point I feel The Adventure Zone speaks for itself as a media franchise. However, I would be remiss if I didn't highlight how Griffin's musical scores have elevated an RPG podcast to newer heights of emotional tension.
  2. Part of the Swarm
    by SayMaxWell ft. FritzyBeat & ForeverFreest
  3. Wintersaga
    by Wind Rose
  4. Axiom Verge Soundtrack
    by Thomas Happ
    Trace Rising Trace Rising
    Not only was the game a fantastic exploration of the genre, the soundtrack was extremely good at building the tone and tension of such a glitch-filled alien world.
  5. Black Waves
    by Lost Years
  6. This is our Planet now
    by Volkor X
    Shoot Them Up Shoot Them Up
    Continuing Volkor X's trend of mixing elements of old B-movie space invaders with a modern tone and style of the future, this album is another beautiful addition to the genre of intergalactic space overlord music.
  7. Watermelon Visions
    by ▓▒░ TORLEY ░▒▓
    Watermelon War March Watermelon War March
    Torley is back from beyond, and I cannot express how utterly delighted I am for this. Pushing his musical style to new heights, this album is, perhaps fittingly, very refreshing.
  8. Floating Rooms
    by June LaLonde
  9. GaW
    by June LaLonde
  10. Return to Wherever
    by TWRP
  11. Ghoul Jacker II
    by Plumegeist
  12. Thank You
    by June LaLonde
  13. We are Number One [Remix]
    by SayMaxWell & MiatriSs
  14. The Beast & The Water - Music from The Adventure Zone: Amnesty
    by Griffin McElroy
  15. Ascension
    by Mind Portal
  16. Snowshoo EP
    by Snowshoo
  17. Alright
    by Flashback
  18. Neon Summer EP
    by flippy 19XX
  19. Prime Time
    by Flashback
  20. This Means War
    by Volkor X
    The Bomb The Bomb
    Music to conquest by, this album manages to capture the mood of the evil overlord, while also carrying with it a great narrative tone.