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  1. Modern Mirror
    Ellipsis Ellipsis
    Modern Mirror expresses that extatic, dreamy and nostalgic feelings by shining with a celestial superiority and an incommensurate richness of sound.

    The intensity of this album is truly astounding. And it's very dynamic and unfolds smoothly.

    It compels the emotions instantly and efficiently.

    This is easily the album of the year.
  2. lost soul
    by badass wolf shirt
  3. custom teeth
    by badass wolf shirt
  4. candles
    by badass wolf shirt
  5. sirens
    by badass wolf shirt
    sirens sirens
    A sincere album that rests within the subtle edges in between Synthwave and Witch House.
  6. Isolate
    by Mesarthim
    Osteopenia Osteopenia
    Cosmic and euphoric ambiences engaging with a consistent intensity.
    Music that lifts you up enough to behold, nonetheless to surrender and to contemplate the greatness of the universe with gratitude and pride.
  7. 1:11
    Daniel Ocean, you're an unstable douchebag who blocks his fans on Instagram for no relevant reason.
    A very disrespectful way to treat fans.
    From now on, I'll be downloading illegally everything you put out. I'm not giving money to jerks like you whatsoever.
    And finally, i thank you for the appreciation you've shown for all the support and positive feedback i was giving you all the way. Good luck. ✌🏼
  8. Shaneera
    by Fatima Al Qadiri
    Galby feat Naygow Galby feat Naygow
    A sexually suggestive arabesque EP suitable for wild night clubs and casual home listening.
    Very balanced material wich makes it versatile to some extent.
    Simply, the best of Fatima Al Qadiri.
  9. Tell Her
    by Neana
    Satisfying tune, hardly describable.
  10. Eyes
    by Craset
    Well, you think it's a simple Future Garage track until that melody in the second part changes the direction. Simple melody, but it's made of the right notes. Haunting !
  11. Failure
    by D E P R E S S E D 0 4 0
    by D E P R E S S E D 0 4 0
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  13. JAG OCH DU
    by D E P R E S S E D 0 4 0
    Emotionnal noise for unforseen depressive circumstances.
  14. Eyes Shut
    by in3briant
  15. Scattering
    by Fraunhofer Diffraction
    Kvrt in Space Kvrt in Space
    Somehow confusing by it's diversity...different flavors of a tastless album.
    I bought it for the last 2 tracks particularly.
    by blanku
    Liquid and hypnotic vibes that still danceable.
  17. SUICIDAL (with FORMA)
    by blanku
    It's rare when i'm attempted by Wave.
  18. First Album
    by CADAVER
    Covered In Clouds Covered In Clouds
    by RITUALZ
    I don't have the words to describe such magnificence.
    This is the most successfully dramatic material i own.
  20. Low
    by Fostercare
    I discovered Fostercare through the artist Ritualz, and in the same day, i found out that the project ended in 2015.
    This is my favorite hidden gem by this producer. It's very emotionnal with a euphoric taste in it.