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  1. lost soul
    by badass wolf shirt
  2. custom teeth
    by badass wolf shirt
  3. candles
    by badass wolf shirt
  4. sirens
    by badass wolf shirt
    sirens sirens
    A sincere album that rests within the subtle edges in between Synthwave and Witch House.
  5. Isolate
    by Mesarthim
    Osteopenia Osteopenia
    A cosmic and euphoric ambience engaged with a consistent intensity.
    Music that lifts you up enough to behold, nonetheless to surrender and to contemplate the greatness of the universe with gratitude and pride.
  6. 1:11
    This sinister track is very tight.
  7. Shaneera
    by Fatima Al Qadiri
    Galby feat Naygow Galby feat Naygow
    A sexually suggestive arabesque EP suitable for wild night clubs and casual smoke sessions at home.
    Very balanced material wich makes it versatile to some level.
    Simply, the best of Fatima Al Qadiri.
  8. Tell Her
    by Neana
    Satisfying tune, hardly describable.
  9. Eyes
    by Craset
    Well, you think it's a simple Future Garage track until that melody in the second part changes the direction. Simple melody, but it's made of the right notes. Haunting !
  10. Failure
    by D E P R E S S E D 0 4 0
    by D E P R E S S E D 0 4 0
  12. JAG OCH DU
    by D E P R E S S E D 0 4 0
    Emotionnal noise for unforseen depressive circumstances.
  13. Eyes Shut
    by in3briant
    Very tight.
  14. Scattering
    by Fraunhofer Diffraction
    Kvrt in Space Kvrt in Space
    Somehow confusing by it's diversity...different flavors of a tastless album.
    I bought it for the last 2 tracks particularly.
  15. Tribute of Solution
    by Craset
    Getting deeper into Future Garage records to find something unique and mysterious. Here's where i landed.
    by blanku
    Liquid and hypnotic vibes that still danceable.
  17. SUICIDAL (with FORMA)
    by blanku
    It's rare when i'm attempted by Wave.
  18. First Album
    by CADAVER
    Covered In Clouds Covered In Clouds
    by RITUALZ
  20. Low
    by Fostercare
    I discovered Fostercare through Ritualz works, and in the same day, i found out that the project ended in 2015.
    This is my favorite hidden gem by him. It's very emotionnal and euphoric in a sad way.
    by RITUALZ
    Sinister and meditative.
  22. Karma
    by Ritual Drops
    Find Me Find Me
    RITUAL DROPS, as always, keeps delivering some very consistent selection of melancholic tracks. This time exploring new sounds, and respecting the signature of the project.

    This EP is dynamic, combining strong and soft material and it's well done in general, except the 4th track "Occult Staff" that it wasn't really my cup of tea.

    "Dark Soul" was my all time favorite RITUAL DROPS's track, until i listened to "Find Me".

    I also usually ask Witch House listeners to pay attention to RITUAL DROPS, because it's one of the best in the scene.
  23. Sleepless
    by Unworldly / Hogma
  24. NYAN KING PLAGUE - Stereo Liza
    by King Plague
    One of the most unique and beautiful tracks i have.
  25. Dust To Dust
    by Quixotic
  26. Broken Wing
    Broken Wing is one special piece of sadness and loss. Very touching tune.
  27. XV [N† - 10]
    by MORGVE
    Wasted vocals upon diversed filthy black rhythms.
    And since the album is longer than the average, everytime you play it, it's like you discover it for the first time but with some deja vu.
  28. Покинутий одинак (Pokynutyy odynak)
    by Божевільний (Bozhevilnyy)
    Взимку Взимку
    I was really surprised by this release, as much as nobody took a moment to leave a comment about it.

    I can't describe enough how Bozhevilnyy enchanted me with his gorgeous voice throughout this album, i couldn't resist to those tracks, some of them just touched me deeper than everything i was listening to all those years.

    This is a unique form of Black Metal, wich i want more of it. Especially, the tracks where Bozhevilnyy was singing clearly before the stormy parts that go along with the mayhem and rage inside my head.

    I didn't got enough of the 3rd and 7th track. Those are my favorites, i need more releases with the same structure and ambiance. I bought this album principally because of those pieces.

    All i hope is another release, soon, with the type of tracks i want. And from now on, full support to this project.
  29. Hero (Demo songs Januray - March 2018)
    by D E P R E S S E D 0 4 0
    Upp I Det Blå Upp I Det Blå
    An abyssal realm of crippling anguish delivered in this damaged EP.
  30. Distant
    by Ennja
    Something pretty different and solid from Ennja.
    by Blood Wolf
    Because Witch House is dying and Blood Wolf is one of the rare artists who are making it always fresh and rotten in the same time.
  32. P.S i'm D3aD
    by in3briant
    Distorded, depressive and strong !
    Why i wouldn't have this in my playlist ?
  33. Posthuman
    m-coercion m-coercion
    Hold up !
    I'm just taking a moment to understand what's happening in this album. I listen to so much music on daily basis, but i've never heared something like that before.
    CRASPORE made it so tight and intense, so groovy and chaotic with those dramatic melodies.
    All tracks are taking one direction, homogeneous, with one purpose. A score of the apocalypse !
  34. Laika
    by SBTRKT
    So much Garage music in my playlist, but i was astonished by this especially. This is a very strong release !
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  35. Matushka Toska
    by Iиfected Uиicorn
    Witch House in it's basic form. 🖤
  36. Strange dances
    by KOSIKK
    This is so melodic, light and pretty chill.