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  1. Derelicts
    by Carbon Based Lifeforms
    Dodecahedron Dodecahedron
  2. Rukirek – Voices Of Unknown
    by Mystic Sound Records
    Symbolon Symbolon
  3. Hypatia (24bit 96kHz)
    by Entheogenic
    4Q-545 4Q-545
  4. Median Project - Constellation
    by Median Project
    Sunrise Sunrise
    After seeing the bio from Suntrip comparing this album to Astral Projection and Mindsphere (both of which I love), I had high expectations, and this did not disappoint at all. Great album that flows well, awesome melodies throughout, I can see this one getting a lot of repeat play for years to come. I can't wait to see more from this artist.
  5. Exploring the Universe
    Mixed Set Mixed Set
  6. Entangled Everything
    by Globular
  7. Holobiont
    by Globular
    Emergent Resurgence Emergent Resurgence
  8. A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
    by Globular
  9. Magnitudes of Order
    by Globular
  10. Golden Cap
    by Entheogenic
  11. Kykeon (24bit 96kHz)
    by Entheogenic
    Great Lights of Tripyramid Great Lights of Tripyramid
  12. Dialogue Of The Speakers
    by Entheogenic
  13. Anthropomorphic
    by Entheogenic
  14. Enthymesis
    by Entheogenic
  15. Gaia Sophia
    by Entheogenic
  16. Flight Of The Urubus
    by Entheogenic
  17. Spontaneous Illumination
    by Entheogenic
  18. Dreamtime Physics (24bit 96k)
    by Entheogenic
    Selkie Selkie
  19. Entheogenic
    by Entheogenic
  20. A Singularity Encoded
    by Entheogenic
    Star Wisdom of Bon Star Wisdom of Bon
  21. Loveology
    by SUDUAYA
    Journey of Aquila Journey of Aquila
  22. NOIRE (44khz / 24bit version)
    by VNV Nation
  23. Goa Space Time - VV.AA. (timewarp039)
    by Geomagnetic
  24. Endless Horizons [24Bits]
    by DHAMIKA
    Indukala [24] Indukala [24]
  25. The Flow
    by MOBITEX
    Tears Tears
  26. Venus [24Bits]
    by SUDUAYA
    Suduaya - Venus [24] Suduaya - Venus [24]
  27. Dimensional Gateway
    by Various Artists
    Bonetti Defense Bonetti Defense
    Where to start? I've had this album for years now and it's still so hard to pick a favourite. I'd like to pick all of them, but ended up going with Bonetti Defense due to the quotes from one of my all time fave movie.
    Still available for free even on bandcamp, but since I still often listen to this compilation even now, it was a no brainer to pay what I considered a fair amount for such a quality compilation.
  28. VA - Terraformer
    by Global Sect
    Centavra Project - Strange Object Centavra Project - Strange Object
  29. VA The Mystery of Crystal Worlds
    by Global Sect
    Artifact303 - Black Light Artifact303 - Black Light
  30. Mindsphere - Mental Triplex : Mindream
    by Mindsphere
  31. Baby Robot
    by Ott
  32. The Bicycle Of The Sky
    by Ott.
  33. Blumenkraft
    by Ott.
    Smoked Glass And Chrome Smoked Glass And Chrome
  34. Mir
    by Ott.
    Owl Stretching Time Owl Stretching Time
  35. Fairchildren
    by Ott.
    16mm Summer Day 16mm Summer Day
  36. Live At Terminal West
    by Ott & The All-Seeing I
    Signals From Bob Signals From Bob
  37. Ra - Earthcall
    by Ra
    Sacred Sands Sacred Sands
  38. Ra - 9th
    by Suntrip Records
    Time Current Time Current
  39. Mysterious Places
  40. Ciel [24Bits]
    Time [24] Time [24]
  41. Skylon
    by Ott.
    Signals From Bob Signals From Bob
  42. Soul Surfers [24Bits]
    Soul Surfers [24] Soul Surfers [24]
  43. Mindsphere - Mental Triplex : Presence
    by Mindsphere
  44. Mindsphere - Patience for Heaven
    by Mindsphere
  45. Inner Cyclone | ReMastered 2012
    by Mindsphere