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  1. THE SOUND OF ✘ 4
    by International Grindcore Compilation 2018
  2. Pra Sila - Vukov Totem
    by ALL MY SINS
  3. Split w/ Sick Shit
    by Slund
  4. Split w/ Pro Death Corps
    by Slund
  5. Subtype Zero - The Astral Awakening
  6. De roep van het woud
    by Theudho
  7. Split w/ Throatpunch
    by Slund
  8. Split w/ Agathocles
    by Slund
  9. Puzzles Of Flesh
    by Kreation Kodex
  10. Musta Sielu
    by Veristi
  11. Split w/ Puta Malaria
    by Slund
  12. Lean Mean Slunding Machine
    by Slund
  13. Kugelblitz
    by Facegrinder
  14. Unter meinen Fahnen
    by Insignium
    appears in 1 other collection
  15. Skygger fra dødsriket
    by GJENDØD
  16. Near Life Experience
    by Thula Borah
  17. Seid
    by ENFERUM
  19. Head Brain Blocade - Destruction of Principle of Life tape/CD
    by NO BREAD! records
  20. Path to Eternity
    by Tectum
    appears in 1 other collection
  21. Obsolete Ordinance
    by Infernal Execrator
  22. A Very Slundy Christmas
    by Slund
  23. Infamie und Urgewalt - Wenn Altes sich erhebt
    by Insignium
  24. Victorial Austrology
    by Patisserie
  25. Dirty Filthy Mess (2013)
    by Human Humus
  26. Stillborn Nation
    by Human Cull
  27. Wrong
    by Cleft
  28. Amberosia
    by Vanguard X Mortem
    appears in 1 other collection
  29. Embrace Of Thorns - Scorn Aesthetics
    by Iron Bonehead Productions
  30. Pulverizer
    by AXIA
  31. Spoiled EP
    by Spoiled
  32. Brain Dysfunction
    by Slund
  33. Paroxysm Of Hatred
    by Rapture
  34. Death's Omnipotence
    by Blood Worship
  35. Trapdoor
    by Trapdoor
  36. There Was Death
    by My Silent Wake
  37. Мама Анархия
    by Kalashnikov collective
  38. Split w/ Maggot Bath
    by Slund
  40. Rites of Absolution
    by The Bleeding
  41. Eternal Darkness
    by Towards The Hell
    appears in 1 other collection
  42. Adeline
    by The Shiver
  43. Hello Kittie's Spank
    by LeftyFish
  44. If You're Angry And You Know It, Clap Your Hands
    by Slund
  45. A Parade of States
    by Devlsy