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  1. PORN - High Summer Sun / Orgy Remix
    by PORN
  2. Utopian Deception
  3. Ardorem
    by Aeon Winds
    sexy, soul vibrating, beyond pleasing, want more 10/10
  4. Stronghold
    by Aeon Winds
  5. To the Shores of Sunrise
    by Sickle of Dust
    Thank you my dear Sis with love, excellent album!
  6. Moonlight Incantations (demo)
    by Mortemare
    Thank you with love Ädäm! So good ")
  7. The Way Of Condemnation (single)
    by Frost (Hungary)
  8. Skelepht
    by Dråpsnatt
  9. I Denna Skog
    by Dråpsnatt
  10. I Denna Skog
    by Dråpsnatt
  11. Hymner till undergången
    by Dråpsnatt
  12. Hymner till undergången
    by Dråpsnatt
  13. 9. Ode Quarto - Prophetam
    by Helvort
  14. Altar of Whispers
    by Fovitron
  15. Mystericon
    by Puzhmer
  16. Canticles Of The Sepulchral Deity
    by Akasha
  17. Origin
    by Enshine
    Above Us Above Us
  18. Bewitched by Moonlight Rituals
    by Vegard
  19. Druid Winds & The Fall of the Celtic Gods
    by Dratna
  20. Siste Indre
    by Sarath