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  2. Punk
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  1. Black Dog in the Sky
  2. One Eyed God Prophecy
    by One Eyed God Prophecy
  3. The Comprehensive List Of Everyone Who Has Ever Done Anything Wrong To Us
    by Ten Grand
  4. Coax Demo
    by Coax
  5. Still Laughing LP (LUNGS-164)
    by GAG
  6. Harshcore 98-00
    by Orrin DeForest
    This is great! Pete’s a good friend & I sang briefly in the short lived Punchcutter along with Steve from ODF on bass so perhaps I’m a tad biased but I always enjoy everything he does musically & this is no exception, especially if you’re into early 90s Florida & Bay Area hardcore!
  7. Enamorados Del Control Total EP
    by Algara
    This is great! I wish I could read Spanish & understand the lyrics though! 😢
  8. A Little More Time with Reigning Sound
    by Reigning Sound
  9. split LP with Transistor Transistor
    by Light the Fuse and Run
    appears in 1 other collection
  10. Something Will Go Wrong (EP)
  11. Lyutak Caldo
    by VYRYV
  12. Halo Perfecto-- Hospitals In Other Countries LP
    by Halo Perfecto
  13. An Immoral Brain
    by Ian Deaton
  14. Casual Tiger s/t
    by Casual Tiger
  15. NO
    by Boris
    by Adrian Barrera
  17. 2000-2004
    by Wolves Of Greece
  18. Of the Goddess
    by Rogue Conjurer
  19. Thousandaire
    by Thousandaire
  20. Ten Years Too Late
    by Marzuraan